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-(Europ.J. Hort. Sci., 69(3):245-252)Qualitative and Quantitative Composition of the Flavour Components of Taiwan Calamondin and Philippine Calamansi FruitS. P. Yo; C. H. Lin
-Forced flowering of pineapple (Ananas comosus cv. Tainon 17) in response to cold stress, ethephon and calcium carbide with and without activated charcoalS. Maruthasalam; L. Y. Shiu; M. Loganathan; W. C. Lien; Y. L. Liu; C. M. Sun; C. W. Yu; S. H. Hung; Y. Ko; C. H. Lin-
-(HortScience, 42(5):1188-1191)Delaying Natural Flowering in Pineapple through Foliar Application of Aviglycine, an Inhibitor of Ethylene biosynthesisR. H. Wang; Y. M. Hsu; D. P. Bartholomew; S. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin
-(International Union of Microbiological Societies, Abstracts of the XIII International Congress of Virology, 167-V-78:123)Expression of tospoviral nucleocapsid proteins of the Watermelon silver mottle virus serogroup in squash by Zucchini yellow mosaic potyvirus vectorT. C. Chen; C. W. Huang; C. H. Lin; F. L. Liu; Y. W. Kuo; S. D. Yeh-
-Isolation and characterization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase gene from a plant growth promoting Pseudomonas strainS. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin; M. Loganathan; Y. Ko; W. C. Lien; C. C. Chen; S. H. Chuang-
-(J. Virol. Methods,129:113-124)Purification and serological analyses of tospoviral nucleocapsid proteins expressed by Zucchini yellow mosaic virus vector in squashT. C. Chen; H. T. Hsu; Rekesh K. Jain; C. W. Huang; C. H. Lin; F. L. Liu; S. D. Yeh-
-A new system of soybean regeneration through somatic embryogenesis using immature embryonic tips.M. Loganathan; S. Maruthasalam; C. W. Yu; W. H. Hsu; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 91(12):1684)First report of Gray Leaf Spot of Mango(Mangifera indica)Caused by Pestalotiopsis mangiferae in TaiwanY. Ko; K. S. Yao; C. Y. Chen; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 91(9):1199)First report of Gray Mold disease of Sponge Gourd(Luffa cylindrica)caused by Botrytis cinerea in TaiwanY. Ko; K. S. Yao; C. Y. Chen; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 92(12):1706)First Report of Downy Mildew Caused by Pseudoperonospora cubensis on Chayote (Sechium edule) in TaiwanY. Ko; C. Y. Chen; S. S. Chen; C. W. Liu; S. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 92(3):483)First Report of Gummosis Disease of Plum(Prunus salicina)Caused by a Botryosphaeria sp. in TaiwanY. Ko; K. S. Yao; C. Y. Chen; C. W. Liu; S. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 92(8):1248)First report of fruit rot of strawberry caused by an Alternaria sp. in TaiwanY. Ko; C. Y. Chen; K. S. Yao; C. W. Liu; S. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Dis., 93(7):764)First Report of Stem-End Rot of Mango Caused by Phomopsis mangiferae in TaiwanY. Ko; C. W. Liu; C. Y. Chen; S. Maruthasalam; C. H. Lin
-(Plant Sci., 174:025-031)Transgenic broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) delays postharvest yellowingChen, L. F.O.; C. H. Lin; S. M. Kellar; Y. M. Chang; J. F. Shaw-
-Regeneration of soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) through direct somatic embryogenesis from the immature embryonic shoot tipM. Loganathan; S. Maruthasalam; L. Y. Shiu; W. C. Lien; W. H. Hsu; P. F. Lee; C. W. Yu; C. H. Lin
-壩體上游面加設緩衝物之力學分析林清華; C. H. Lin; 鄭堃仁; 段錦浩; Kun-Jen Cheng; C. H. Tuan