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-(Acta Vet Hung.,55(1):077-085)Study on the species-specificity of Isospora michaelbakeri by experimental infectionK. C. Tung; J. S. Liu; F. P. Cheng; C. H. Yang; W. C. Tu; K. S. Wang; C. L. Shyu; C. H. Lai; C. C. Chou; W. M. Lee
-(Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.,292(6):F1791-1801)Spinal glutamatergic NMDA-dependent cyclic pelvic nerve-to-external urethra sphincter reflex potentiation in anesthetized ratsJ. M. Liao; C. H. Yang; C. L. Cheng; S. F. Pan; M. J. Chen; P. C. Huang; G. D. Chen; K. C. Tung; H. Y. Peng; T. B. Lin
-(J Vet Med Sci.,66(5):543-545)Comparison of microfilaria concentration method for Setaria digitata infection in cattle and for Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogsY. Watanabe; C. H. Yang; K. C. Tung; H. K. Tung
-(J Vet Med Sci.,68(1):103-104)First Thelazia callipaeda infestation report in a dog in TaiwanC. H. Yang; K. C. Tung; M. Y. Wang; S. C. Chang; W. C. Tu; K. S. Wang; C. L. Shyu; W. M. Lee
-(J. Vet. Med. Sci.,71(1):043-047)Surveillance of endoparasitic infections and the first report of Physaloptera sp. and Sarcocystis spp. in farm rodents and shrews in central TaiwanK. C. Tung; F. C. Hsiao; C. H. Yang; C. C. Chou; W. M. Lee; K. S. Wang; C. H. Lai
-(Plant Physiol., 134: 1586-1597)Molecular analysis of the Arabidopsis Tubby-like protein gene familyLai, C. P.; C. L. Lee; P. H. Chen; S. H. Wu; C. H. Yang; J. F. Shaw-
-(Taiwan Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry 2004 Spring Symposia,p057)Studies on the Potential of Eight Pesticides Inducing Airway Hyperresponsiveness and Respiratory Hypersensitivity in MiceC. H. Yang; J. S. Huang; S. C. Wang; W. C. Lee-
-(Vet Rec.,158(3):099-100)Nasal infestation with the leech Dinobdella ferox in a domestic shorthair catS. C. Chang; F. P. Cheng; K. C. Tung; C. H. Yang; W. M. Lee
-異種植物中GIGANTEA同源基因之選殖與其功能性之分析陳靖棻; CHEN, CHIN-FUN-