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-(International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,34(9-10):889-897)248 nm Excimer Laser Drilling PI Film for Nozzle Plate ApplicationC.T. Pan; H. Yang; M.K. Wei-
-(Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,11(2):094-099)Ultra-fine machining tool/molds by LIGA technologyH. Yang; C.T. Pan; M.C. Chou-
-(Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,112(2):157-161)Excimer laser-induced formation of metallic microstructures by electroless copper platingH. Yang; C.T. Pan-
-(Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,12(5):611-615)A low-temperature wafer bonding technique using patternable materialsC.T. Pan; H. Yang; S.C. Shen; M.C. Chou; H.P. Chou-
-(Materials Science and Technology,23(8):980-986)PET Polymer Ablation Using Excimer Laser for Nozzle Plate ApplicationsC.T. Pan; H. Yang; M.K. Wei; F.Y. Chang-
-(Microsystem Technologies,10(2):155-160)Optical switch with auto-aligning fibers and latching micro-mirrorsH. Yang; C.T. Pan; S.C. Shen-
-(Microsystem Technologies,12:173-179)Integrated electromagnetic microactuator with a large driving forceC.T. Pan; H. Yang; M.C. Chou; S.C. Shen-
-(Sensors and Materials,11(6):339-347)Behavior of the developing process for ultra-deep microstructuresC.T. Pan; H. Yang; H.J. Wang; M.C. Chou-
-(Sensors and Materials,16(1):013-024)Efficient coupling of electrostatic optical fiber switchC.T. Pan; S.C. Shen; H.Yang-
-(Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering,06(3):145-150)Analogous micro-optical components fabricated using excimer laser ablationH. Yang; C.T. Pan