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-Construction of Optimal 2D Optical Codes Using (n, w, 2, 2) Optical Orthogonal CodesLin, Y.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
-Crystal Structure and Inhibition Studies of Transglutaminase from Streptomyces mobaraenseYang, M.T.; 李天雄; Chang, C.H.; Wang, J.M.; Wu, T.K.; Wang, Y.K.; Chang, C.Y.; Li, T.T.; 楊明德-
-Design and Analysis of 2-D Codes With the Maximum Cross-Correlation Value of Two for Optical CDMATien, J.H.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
-Effect of pH on Fenton process using estimation of hydroxyl radical with salicylic acid as trapping reagentChang, C.Y.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Cheng, K.Y.; Hsieh, L.L.; Cheng, T.C.; Yao, K.S.-
-The effect of the molecular mass of the organic matter in raw water on the formation of disinfection by-productsChang, C.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Lin, Y.M.; Hu, P.Y.; Liu, C.C.; Wang, K.H.-
-Effects of spiked metals on the MSW anaerobic digestionLo, H.M.; Chiang, C.F.; Tsao, H.C.; Pai, T.Y.; Liu, M.H.; Kurniawan, T.A.; Chao, K.P.; Liou, C.T.; Lin, K.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Wang, S.C.; Banks, C.J.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Chen, P.H.; Chen, C.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Wu, H.Y.; Chao, T.W.; Chen, Y.R.; Liou, D.W.; Lo,-
-An efficient progressive image transmission scheme for Chinese calligraphy林詠章; Chang, C.Y.; Lin, I.C.-
-Establishment of activity indicator of TiO2 photocatalytic reaction-Hydroxyl radical trapping methodChang, C.Y.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Hsieh, L.L.; Yao, K.S.; Cheng, T.C.-
-Extended Multilevel Prime Codes for Optical CDMASun, C.C.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Tu, C.P.; Chang, C.Y.; Kwong, W.C.-
-Fabrication of Mesa Shaped InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Through a Photoelectrochemical ProcessYang, C.C.; 林佳鋒; Lin, C.F.; Chiang, J.H.; Liu, H.C.; Lin, C.M.; Fan, F.H.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Formal synthesis of the ACE inhibitor benazepril center dot HCl via an asymmetric aza-Michael reactionYu, L.T.; Huang, J.L.; Chang, C.Y.; Yang, T.K.-
-The formation and control of disinfection by-products using chlorine dioxideChang, C.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Shih, I.C.; Hsu, S.S.; Wang, K.H.-
-The formation of disinfection by-products in water treated with chlorine dioxideChang, C.Y.; 謝永旭; Hsieh, Y.H.; Hsu, S.S.; Hu, P.Y.; Wang, K.H.-
-Frequency-hopping CDMA with reed-solomon code sequences in wireless communicationsLin, M.F.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Liu, Y.S.; Kwong, W.C.-
-High-efficiency InGaN-based light-emitting diodes with nanoporous GaN : Mg structureLin, C.F.; Zheng, J.H.; Yang, Z.J.; Dai, J.J.; Lin, D.Y.; Chang, C.Y.; Lai, Z.X.; Hong, C.S.-
-Human response to window views and indoor plants in the workplaceChang, C.Y.; Chen, P.K.-
-Impacts of extraction methods on volatile constituents of longan flowerChang, C.H.; 劉永銓; Yu, T.H.; Chang, C.Y.; Liu, Y.C.-
-Improving light output power of InGaN-based light emitting diodes with pattern-nanoporous p-type GaN:Mg surfacesYang, C.C.; Lin, C.F.; Lin, C.M.; Chang, C.C.; Chen, K.T.; Chien, J.F.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Investigation of efficiency droop for InGaN-based UV light-emitting diodes with InAlGaN barrierTu, P.M.; 武東星; Chang, C.Y.; Huang, S.C.; Chiu, C.H.; Chang, J.R.; Chang, W.T.; Wuu, D.S.; Zan, H.W.; Lin, C.C.; Kuo, H.C.; Hsu, C.P.-