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-Dynamic Probing of Nanoparticle Stability In Vivo: A Liposomal Model Assessed Using In Situ Microdialysis and Optical ImagingJeng, C.C.; 鄭建宗; Cheng, S.H.; Ho, J.A.A.; Huang, S.H.Y.; Chang, J.C.; Tsai, P.J.; Yang, C.S.; Lo, L.W.-
-The effect of bending loads on the dynamic behaviors of a rolling guideWu, J.S.S.; Chang, J.C.; Tsai, G.A.; Lin, C.Y.; Ou, F.M.-
-The effect of contact interface on dynamic characteristics of composite structuresWu, J.S.S.; 鄔詩賢; Chang, J.C.; Hung, J.P.-
-Fluctuation conductivity and upper critical field of Y1-xRExNi2B2C (RE = Er, Ho, Dy, Gd) superconductorsLan, M.D.; Chang, J.C.; Lee, C.Y.-
-High-aspect-ratio microstructural posts electroforming modeling and fabrication in LIGA processYang, H.; 楊錫杭; Chein, R.Y.; Tsai, T.H.; Chang, J.C.; Wu, J.C.; 簡瑞與-
-Joint detection for OFDM-CDMA communications in multipath fading channelsWang, H.F.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.; Chang, J.C.-
-A novel guanylyl cyclase receptor, BdmGC-1, is highly expressed during the development of the oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Chang, J.C.; 路光暉; Yang, R.B.; Chen, Y.H.; Lu, K.H.-
-Novel linear hexanuclear cobalt string complexes (Co-6(12+)) and one-electron reduction products (Co-6(11+)) supported by four bpyany(2-) ligandsChien, C.H.; 葉鎮宇; Chang, J.C.; Yeh, C.Y.; Lee, G.H.; Fang, J.M.; Peng, S.M.-
-Performance Analyses of OFDM-CDMA Receivers in Multipath Fading ChannelsChen, J.D.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.; Chang, J.C.; Su, H.-
-Performance evaluation of multirate DS-CDMA communication systems with adaptive antennasChen, J.D.; Ueng, F.B.; Chang, J.C.; Lin, C.L.-
-Porphyrin triarylamine conjugates: strong electronic communication between triarylamine redox centers via the porphyrin dicationChang, J.C.; 葉鎮宇; Ma, C.J.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-The promotion of chondrogenesis in adipose-derived adult stem cells by an RGD-chimeric protein in 3D alginate cultureChang, J.C.; Hsu, S.H.; Chen, D.C.-
-Receptor guanylyl cyclases in Inka cells targeted by eclosion hormoneChang, J.C.; 路光暉; Yang, R.B.; Adams, M.E.; Lu, K.H.-
-The regulation of the gap junction of human mesenchymal stem cells through the internalization of quantum dotsChang, J.C.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Su, H.L.; 蘇鴻麟-
-Static magnetic field accelerates differentation and mineralization of incisor immature pulp cellsChang, J.C.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.-
-The static magnetic field accelerates the osteogenic differentiation and mineralization of dental pulp cellsHsu, S.H.; Chang, J.C.-
-Step-flow growth on semiconductor-like stepped surface: A kinetic Monte Carlo studyLin, Y.J.; 李豐穎; Chang, J.C.; Tai, C.K.; Wang, B.C.; Li, F.Y.-
-Synthesis, structures, magnetism and electrochemical properties of triruthenium-acetylide complexesKuo, C.K.; 葉鎮宇; Chang, J.C.; Yeh, C.Y.; Lee, G.H.; Wang, C.C.; Peng, S.M.-
-Upper critical field of borocarbide superconductorsLan, M.D.; Chang, J.C.; Lu, K.T.; Lee, C.Y.; Shih, H.Y.; Jeng, G.Y.-
-The use of peptide-delivery to protect human adipose-derived adult stem cells from damage caused by the internalization of quantum dotsChang, J.C.; 徐善慧; Su, H.L.; Hsu, S.H.; 蘇鴻麟-