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-After trees die: quantities and determinants of necromass across AmazoniaChao, K.J.; 趙國容; Phillips, O.L.; Baker, T.R.; Peacock, J.; Lopez-Gonzalez, G.; Martinez, R.V.; Monteagudo, A.; Torres-Lezama, A.-
-How do trees die? Mode of death in northern AmazoniaChao, K.J.; 趙國容; Phillips, O.L.; Monteagudo, A.; Torres-Lezama, A.; Martinez, R.V.-
-Lowland rainforests in southern Taiwan and Lanyu, at the northern border of Paleotropics and under the influence of monsoon windChao, W.C.; 趙國容; Song, G.Z.M.; Chao, K.J.; Liao, C.C.; Fan, S.W.; Wu, S.H.; Hsieh, T.H.; Sun, I.F.; Kuo, Y.L.; Hsieh, C.F.-