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-An econometric analysis of SARS and Avian Flu on international tourist arrivals to AsiaMcAleer, M.; 張嘉玲; Huang, B.W.; Kuo, H.I.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.L.-
-Economic implications of potential ENSO frequency and strength shifts (vol 49, pg 147, 2001)Chen, C.C.; McCarl, B.A.; Adams, R.M.-
-Effect of a non-uniform temperature gradient on the onset of oscillatory Benard-Marangoni convection of an electrically conducting liquid in a magnetic fieldChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chen, C.C.-
-The effect of calibration equations on the uncertainty of UV-Vis spectrophotometric measurementsHsu, K.H.; Chen, C.C.-
-Effectiveness and stability of heterologous proteins expressed in plants by Turnip mosaic virus vector at five different insertion sitesChen, C.C.; 葉錫東; Chen, T.C.; Raja, J.A.; Chang, C.A.; Chen, L.W.; Lin, S.S.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Effects of climatic change on a water dependent regional economy: A study of the Texas Edwards AquiferChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; Gillig, D.; McCarl, B.A.-
-Effects of nonuniform temperature gradients on the onset of oscillatory Marangoni convection in a magnetic fieldChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chen, C.C.-
-Elevation dependent management of the Edwards aquifer: Linked mathematical and dynamic programming approachChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Williams, R.L.-
-Eliciting public preference for nuclear energy against the backdrop of global warmingLiao, S.Y.; 廖述誼; Tseng, W.C.; Chen, C.C.-
-Energy consumption and economic growth-New evidence from meta analysisChen, P.Y.; Chen, S.T.; Chen, C.C.-
-ENSO impacts on regional water management: case study of the Edwards Aquifer (Texas, USA)Chen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; Gillig, D.; McCarl, B.A.; Williams, R.L.-
-The Equivalence of Tariffs and Quotas under a Tariff-Rate Quota System: A Case Study of RiceChen, C.C.; Chang, C.C.; McCarl, B.A.-
-Estimating the Economic Impact of Climate Change on Cardiovascular Diseases-Evidence from TaiwanLiao, S.Y.; 廖述誼; Tseng, W.C.; Chen, P.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Wu, W.M.-
-Estimating the economic impacts of climate change on infectious diseases: a case study on dengue fever in TaiwanTseng, W.C.; 陳吉仲; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.C.; Chu, Y.H.; 曾偉君-
-Estimating the impact of avian flu on international tourism demand using panel dataKuo, H.I.; 陳吉仲; Chang, C.L.; Huang, B.W.; Chen, C.C.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
-Estimating the impacts of government interventions in the international rice marketChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Chang, C.C.-
-Estimating the Potential Water Transfer Prices Using Price Endogenous TheoryChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; Hsu, S.H.-
-Estimating the value of El Nino Southern Oscillation information in a regional water market with implications for water managementLiao, S.Y.; 廖述誼; Chen, C.C.; Hsu, S.H.-
-Estimating the wetland rental fee: a case study involving a Taiwan wetlandTseng, W.C.; 陳吉仲; Chen, C.C.; 曾偉君-