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-Methylation target array for rapid analysis of CpG island hype rmethyl ation in multiple tissue genomesChen, C.M.; 陳全木; Chen, H.L.; Hsiau, T.H.C.; Hsiau, A.H.A.; Shi, H.D.; Brock, G.J.R.; Wei, S.H.; Caldwell, C.W.; Yan, P.S.; Huang, T.H.M.-
-Microstructural evolution of the Au-20 wt.% Sn solder on the Cu substrate during reflowChung, H.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.; Lin, C.P.; Chen, C.J.-
-Mitigative Tin Whisker Growth Under Mechanically Applied Tensile StressChen, Y.J.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.-
-Mobile IP assistance in ad hoc routing security using geometric properties of linesChang, T.Y.; Yang, C.C.; Chen, C.M.-
-Modulation of energy deficiency in Huntington's disease via activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gammaChiang, M.C.; 李茂榮; Chen, C.M.; Lee, M.R.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, H.M.; Wu, Y.S.; Hung, C.H.; Kang, J.J.; Chang, C.P.; Chang, C.; Wu, Y.R.; Tsai, Y.S.; Chern, Y.-
-Morphological evolution of the reaction product at the Sn-9wt.%Zn/thin-film Cu interfaceChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.H.; Lin, C.P.; Su, W.C.-
-Nuclear Kruppel-like factor 4 expression is associated with human skin squamous cell carcinoma progression and metastasisChen, Y.J.; 陳全木; Wu, C.Y.; Chang, C.C.; Ma, C.J.; Li, M.C.; Chen, C.M.; 張嘉哲-
-Optimized Thermal Management From a Chip to a Heat Sink for High-Power GaN-Based Light-Emitting DiodesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Hong, J.S.; Tsai, Y.L.; Wuu, D.S.; Chen, C.M.; Chen, C.J.; 武東星; 陳志銘-
-A peculiar composite structure of carbon nanofibers growing on a microsized tin whiskerChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Shih, P.Y.-
-Phase Stability, Phase Transformation and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials ForewordChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chada, S.; Chen, S.W.; Flandorfer, H.; Greer, A.L.; Lee, J.H.; Zeng, K.J.; Yen, Y.W.; Gierlotka, W.; Wang, C.H.-
-The Phonetics of Paiwan Word-Level ProsodyChen, C.M.; 陳春美-
-Porcine lactoferrin administration enhances peripheral lymphocyte proliferation and assists infectious bursal disease vaccination in native chickensHung, C.M.; 陳全木; Yeh, C.C.; Chen, H.L.; Lai, C.W.; Kuo, M.F.; Yeh, M.H.; Lin, W.; Tu, M.Y.; Cheng, H.C.; Chen, C.M.-
-Porcine lactoferrin as feedstuff additive elevates avian immunity and potentiates vaccinationHung, C.M.; 陳全木; Wu, S.C.; Yen, C.C.; Lin, M.F.; Lai, Y.W.; Tung, Y.T.; Chen, H.L.; Chen, C.M.-
-Preparation of polymer film of micro-porous or island-like structure and its application in dye-sensitized solar cellChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Shiu, H.S.; Cheng, S.J.; Wei, T.C.-
-Private labels and new product developmentChen, C.M.; Chou, S.Y.; Hsiao, L.; Wu, I.H.-
-Probiotic Lactobacillus casei Expressing Human Lactoferrin Elevates Antibacterial Activity in the Gastrointestinal TractChen, H.L.; 陳全木; Lai, Y.W.; Chen, C.S.; Chu, T.W.; Lin, W.; Yen, C.C.; Lin, M.F.; Tu, M.Y.; Chen, C.M.-
-Production and characterization of human extracellular superoxide dismutase in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris陳全木; Chen, H.L.; Yen, C.C.; Tsai, T.C.; Yu, C.H.; Liou, Y.J.; Lai, Y.W.; Wang, M.L.; Chen, C.M.-
-Production of Recombinant Porcine Colipase Secreted by Pichia Pastoris and Its Application to Improve Dietary Fat Digestion and Growth of Postweaning PigletsLiu, F.C.; 陳全木; Chen, H.L.; Chong, K.Y.; Hsu, A.L.; Chen, C.M.-
-Production of recombinant porcine lactoferrin exhibiting antibacterial activity in methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris陳全木; Chen, H.L.; Lai, Y.W.; Yen, C.C.; Lin, Y.Y.; Lu, C.Y.; Yang, S.H.; Tsai, T.C.; Lin, Y.J.; Lin, C.W.; Chen, C.M.-