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-C-H Bond Activation of Palladium Complexes That Feature Pendant Benzamidinate Ligands and Their Catalytic BehavioursChen, M.T.; Wu, K.M.; Chen, C.T.-
-A dual selective antitumor agent and fluorescence probe: the binary BMVC-porphyrin photosensitizerKang, C.C.; Chen, C.T.; Cho, C.C.; Lin, Y.C.; Chang, C.C.; Chang, T.C.-
-The effect of water deficit and excess copper on proline metabolism in Nicotiana benthamianaKu, H.M.; Tan, C.W.; Su, Y.S.; Chiu, C.Y.; Chen, C.T.; Jan, F.J.-
-Enhancing the glass-transition temperature of polyimide copolymers containing 2,2 '-bipyridine units by the coordination of nickel malenonitriledithiolateChen, C.T.; 鄭如忠; Hsu, T.S.; Jeng, R.J.; Yeh, H.C.-
-Estimation of leaf nitrogen content using artificial neural network with cross-learning scheme and significant wavelengthsChen, C.T.; Chen, S.; Hsieh, K.W.; Yang, H.C.; Hsiao, S.; Yang, I.C.-
-Ethanol Extract of Graptopetalum paraguayense Upregulates Paraoxonase 1 Gene Expression via an AKT/NF-kappa B-Dependent PathwayCheng, C.C.; Wu, L.C.; Lai, J.M.; Chen, C.T.; Hsueh, C.M.; Hsu, S.L.-
-Evaluation of plant seedling water stress using dynamic fluorescence index with blue LED-based fluorescence imagingHsiao, S.C.; 王豐政; Chen, S.M.; Yang, I.C.; Chen, C.T.; Tsai, C.Y.; Chuang, Y.K.; Wang, F.J.; Chen, Y.L.; Lin, T.S.; Lo, Y.M.-
-Fire-resistance property of reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete wallGo, C.G.; Tang, J.R.; Chi, J.H.; Chen, C.T.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Fuzzy Longitudinal Controller Design and Experimentation for Adaptive Cruise Control and Stop&GoTsai, C.C.; 蔡清池; Hsieh, S.M.; Chen, C.T.-
-Highly Efficient Carbazole-pi-Dimesitylborane Bipolar Fluorophores for Nondoped Blue Organic Light-Emitting DiodesLin, S.L.; 鄭如忠; Chan, L.H.; Lee, R.H.; Yen, M.Y.; Kuo, W.J.; Chen, C.T.; Jeng, R.J.; 李榮和-
-KEAP1 E3 Ligase-Mediated Downregulation of NF-kappa B Signaling by Targeting IKK betaLee, D.F.; 賴建成; Kuo, H.P.; Liu, M.; Chou, C.K.; Xia, W.Y.; Du, Y.; Shen, J.; Chen, C.T.; Huo, L.; Hsu, M.C.; Li, C.W.; Ding, Q.Q.; Liao, T.L.; Lai, C.C.; Lin, A.C.; Chang, Y.H.; Tsai, S.F.; Li, L.Y.; Hung, M.C.-
-Lithium complexes supported by amine bis-phenolate ligands as efficient catalysts for ring-opening polymerization of L-lactideHuang, C.A.; 陳繼添; Chen, C.T.-
-Magnesium complexes containing bis-amido-oxazolinate ligands as efficient catalysts for ring opening polymerisation of L-lactideChen, M.T.; 陳繼添; Chang, P.J.; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, C.T.-
-A new BMVC-porphyrin binary photosensitizer for PDT selectivityChang, T.C.; Chang, C.C.; Kang, C.C.; Chen, C.T.; Cho, C.C.; Lin, Y.C.-
-Palladacycles bearing pendant benzamidinate ligands as catalysts for the Suzuki and Heck coupling reactionsWu, K.M.; 陳繼添; Huang, C.A.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, C.T.-
-Palladacycles bearing tridentate CNS-type benzamidinate ligands as catalysts for cross-coupling reactionsWang, W.C.; Peng, K.F.; Chen, M.T.; Chen, C.T.-
-Palladacyclic complexes bearing CNN-type ligands as catalysts in the Heck reactionChen, C.T.; 陳繼添; Chan, Y.S.; Tzeng, Y.R.; Chen, M.T.-
-Palladacyclic complexes containing C,N-type ligands as catalysts in cross coupling reactionsChen, M.T.; 陳繼添; Huang, C.A.; Chen, C.T.-
-Preferential Formation of Homochiral Helical Sandwich-Shaped Architectures through the Metal-Mediated Assembly of Tris(imidazoline) Ligands with a Set of d(3)-d(10) Transition-Metal IonsYan, L.W.; 陳繼添; Wang, Z.; Chen, M.T.; Wu, N.J.; Lan, J.B.; Gao, X.; You, J.S.; Gau, H.M.; Chen, C.T.; 高漢謀-