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-Ablation of liver tumor by injection of hypertonic salineLin, Y.C.; Chen, J.H.; Han, K.W.; Shen, W.C.-
-The adsorption and catalytic transformations of chromium on Mn substituted goethiteWu, W.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Chen, J.H.; Wang, M.K.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
-Adsorption and thermal desorption of Cr(VI) on Li/Al layered double hydroxideWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Hseu, R.J.; Chang, R.R.; Chiang, P.N.; Chen, J.H.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
-Behavior of aluminum adsorption on cell wall of pineapple root apicesLin, Y.H.; Chen, J.H.-
-Berberine induces heme oxygenase-1 up-regulation through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT and NF-E2-related factor-2 signaling pathway in astrocytesChen, J.H.; Huang, S.M.; Tan, T.W.; Lin, H.Y.; Chen, P.Y.; Yeh, W.L.; Chou, S.C.; Tsai, C.F.; Wei, I.H.; Lu, D.Y.-
-Cadmium complexes of meso-tetra-(p-chlorophenyl)porphyrin: meso-tetra-(p-chlorophenyl)porphyrinato (pyridine)cadmium(II) pyridine solvate and meso-tetra-(p-chlorophenyl)porphyrinato (dimethylformamide)cadmium(II) toluene solvateWun, W.S.; Chen, J.H.; Wang, S.S.; Tung, J.Y.; Liao, F.L.; Wang, S.L.; Hwang, L.P.; Elango, S.-
-Characteristics of High-T-c Josephson Junction Fabricated by Focused Ion Beam and Ion DamageWu, C.H.; Kuo, W.C.; Chou, Y.T.; Chen, J.H.; Yang, H.C.-
-Characteristics of multi-element alloy cladding produced by TIG processChen, J.H.; 吳威德; Hua, P.H.; Chen, P.N.; Chang, C.M.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.T.-
-Characterization of directly coupled dual-superconducting quantum interference device magnetometerWu, C.H.; Chen, J.H.; Jhan, F.J.; Jeng, J.T.; Yang, H.C.-
-Characterization of insertions of IS476 and two newly identified insertion sequences, IS1478 and IS1479, in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestrisChen, J.H.; 陳建華; Hsieh, Y.Y.; Hsiau, S.L.; Lo, T.C.; Shau, C.C.-
-Characterization of multi-element alloy claddings manufactured by the tungsten inert gas processChen, J.H.; 吳威德; Chen, P.N.; Lin, C.M.; Chang, C.M.; Chang, Y.Y.; Wu, W.-
-Chloro(N-p-nitrobenzoylimido-meso-tetraphenylporphyrinato)iron(III): a high-spin complexChen, C.H.; Lee, Y.Y.; Liau, B.C.; Elango, S.; Chen, J.H.; Hsieh, H.Y.; Liao, F.L.; Wang, S.L.; Hwang, L.P.-
-Chromate reduction by zero-valent Al metal as catalyzed by polyoxometalateLin, C.J.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Huang, P.M.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
-Chronic consumption of raw but not boiled Welsh onion juice inhibits rat platelet functionChen, J.H.; Chen, H.; Tsai, S.J.; Jen, C.J.-
-Combining polymerase chain reaction restriction enzyme analysis with phenotypic characters for mycobacteria identification in TaiwanShen, G.H.; 陳建華; Hung, C.H.; Hu, S.T.; Wu, B.D.; Lin, C.F.; Chen, C.H.; Wu, K.M.; Chen, J.H.-
-Combining the Capilia TB assay with smear morphology for the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complexShen, G.H.; 陳建華; Chen, C.H.; Hung, C.H.; Wu, K.M.; Lin, C.F.; Sun, Y.W.; Chen, J.H.-
-The computer simulation of wear behavior appearing in total hip prosthesisWu, J.S.S.; 鄔詩賢; Hung, J.P.; Shu, C.S.; Chen, J.H.-
-Computer simulation on fatigue behavior of cemented hip prostheses: a physiological modelHung, J.P.; 鄔詩賢; Chen, J.H.; Chiang, H.L.; Wu, J.S.S.-
-A continuous ultrasound-assisted packed-bed bioreactor for the lipase-catalyzed synthesis of caffeic acid phenethyl esterChen, H.C.; 陳建華; Kuo, C.H.; Twu, Y.K.; Chen, J.H.; Chang, C.M.J.; Liu, Y.C.; Shieh, C.J.; 劉永銓; 謝淳仁-
-Conversion of Shigella flexneri serotype 2a to serotype Y in a shigellosis patient due to a single amino acid substitution in the protein product of the bacterial glucosyltransferase gtrII geneChen, J.H.; 陳建華; Hsu, W.B.; Chiou, C.S.; Chen, C.M.-