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-Deposition of Multicomponent Alloys on Low-Carbon Steel Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Cladding ProcessChen, J.H.; 吳威德; Chen, P.N.; Hua, P.H.; Chen, M.C.; Chang, Y.Y.; Wu, W.-
-Determinants of Nucleotide-Binding Selectivity of Malic EnzymeHsieh, J.Y.; 洪慧芝; Chen, M.C.; Hung, H.C.-
-Differential expression of zebrafish gpia and gpib during developmentLin, W.W.; Chen, L.H.; Chen, M.C.; Kao, H.W.-
-Diffusion and formation of intermetallic compounds during accumulative roll-bonding of Al/Mg alloysChen, M.C.; 吳威德; Kuo, C.W.; Chang, C.M.; Hsieh, C.C.; Chang, Y.Y.; Wu, W.T.-
-Effect of carbonate in electrode coating on the microstructure and mechanical properties of weldChang, C.M.; 吳威德; Wu, S.H.; Fan, C.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.T.-
-Effects of SDS on the thermo- and pH-sensitive structural changes of the poly(acrylic acid)-based copolymer containing both poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and monomethoxy poly(ethylene glycol) grafts in waterHsu, Y.H.; 邱信程; Chiang, W.H.; Chen, M.C.; Chern, C.S.; Chiu, H.C.-
-The evolution of microstructures and mechanical properties during accumulative roll bonding of Al/Mg compositeChen, M.C.; 吳威德; Hsieh, H.C.; Wu, W.T.-
-Feline immunodeficiency virus subtype C is prevalent in northern part of TaiwanUema, M.; Ikeda, Y.; Miyazawa, T.; Lin, J.A.; Chen, M.C.; Kuo, T.F.; Kai, C.; Mikami, T.; Takahashi, E.-
-Improved rank-niche evolution strategy algorithm for constrained multiobjective optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chen, M.C.-
-Inconel 690 alloy crystal growth orientation under different vibration waveformsKuo, C.W.; 吳威德; Chen, M.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lai, G.H.; Chang, Y.T.; Chen, Y.C.; Wu, W.-
-Involvement of cAMP in nerve growth factor-triggered p35/Cdk5 activation and differentiation in PC12 cellsChen, M.C.; 赫, 林; Lin, H.; Hsu, F.N.; Huang, P.H.; Lee, G.S.; Wang, P.S.-
-Microstructural characterization of Al/Mg alloy interdiffusion mechanism during accumulative roll bondingChen, M.C.; 吳威德; Hsieh, C.C.; Wu, W.-
-Microstructure change caused by (Cr,Fe)(23)C-6 carbides in high chromium Fe-Cr-C hardfacing alloysFan, C.; 吳威德; Chen, M.C.; Chang, C.M.; Wu, W.T.-
-Microstructure, recrystallization, and mechanical property evolutions in the heat-affected and fusion zones of the dissimilar stainless steelsHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-Nicotine decreases testosterone production and leydig cell viability through CDK5 hyperactivationLin, H.; Chen, M.C.; Wang, P.-
-Precipitation and strengthening behavior of massive delta-ferrite in dissimilar stainless steels during massive phase transformationHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-Precipitation behavior of sigma phase in fusion zone of dissimilar stainless steel welds during multi-pass GTAW processHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Chang, T.C.; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-The Role of Cdk5 in Retinoic Acid-Induced Apoptosis of Cervical Cancer Cell LineKuo, H.S.; 赫, 林; Hsu, F.N.; Chiang, M.C.; You, S.C.; Chen, M.C.; Lo, M.J.; Lin, H.-
-Seroprevalence of canine distemper virus in catsIkeda, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Miyazawa, T.; Chen, M.C.; Kuo, T.F.; Lin, J.A.; Mikami, T.; Kai, C.; Takahashi, E.-
-Serosurvey for selected virus infections of wild carnivores in Taiwan and VietnamIkeda, Y.; 董光中; Miyazawa, T.; Nakamura, K.; Naito, R.; Inoshima, Y.; Tung, K.C.; Lee, W.M.; Chen, M.C.; Kuo, T.F.; Lin, J.A.; Mikami, T.; 李衛民-