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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomicsHsing, Y.I.; 陳良築; Chern, C.G.; Fan, M.J.; Lu, P.C.; Chen, K.T.; Lo, S.F.; Sun, P.K.; Ho, S.L.; Lee, K.W.; Wang, Y.C.; Huang, W.L.; Ko, S.S.; Chen, S.; Chen, J.L.; Chung, C.I.; Lin, Y.C.; Hour, A.L.; Wang, Y.W.; Chang, Y.C.; Tsai, M.W.; Lin, Y.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Ye-
-Saddle-shaped six-coordinate iron(III) porphyrin complex with unusual intermediate-spin electronic structureCheng, R.J.; 陳如珍; Chao, C.W.; Han, Y.P.; Chen, Y.C.; Ting, C.H.-
-A SiGe/Si multiple quantum well avalanche photodetectorSun, P.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, H.C.; 林泓均-
-Subsidiary size, internationalization, product diversification, and performance in an emerging marketChiao, Y.C.; Yu, C.M.J.; Li, P.Y.; Chen, Y.C.-
-Sugar uptake by photomixotrophic soybean suspension culturesYen, H.E.; 顏宏真; Chen, Y.C.; Yen, S.K.; Lin, J.H.-
-Synthesis and properties of resol-type phenol-formaldehyde resins prepared from H2SO4- and HCl-catalyzed phenol-liquefied Cryptomeria japonica woodLee, W.J.; Kang, C.L.; Chang, K.C.; Chen, Y.C.-
-Taurine ameliorates alcoholic steatohepatitis via enhancing self-antioxidant capacity and alcohol metabolismFang, Y.J.; Chiu, C.H.; Chang, Y.Y.; Chou, C.H.; Lin, H.W.; Chen, M.F.; Chen, Y.C.-
-Thermal resistance effect on methanol-steam reforming performance in micro-scale reformersChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, Y.C.; Chung, J.N.-
-Thermally stable hyperbranched nonlinear optical polyimides using an &quot;A(2)+B-3&quot; approachChen, Y.C.; Lo, W.C.; Juang, T.Y.; Dai, S.A.; Su, W.C.; Chou, C.C.; Jeng, R.J.-
-Transgenic resistance to Cymbidium mosaic virus in Dendrobium expressing the viral capsid protein geneChang, C.; 徐堯煇; Chen, Y.C.; Hsu, Y.H.; Wu, J.T.; Hu, C.C.; Chang, W.C.; Lin, N.S.-