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-2-DE combined with two-layer feature selection accurately establishes the origin of oolong teaChien, Han-Ju; Chu, Yen-Wei; Chen, Chi-Wei; Juang, Yu-Min; Chien, Min-Wei; Liu, Chih-Wei; Wu, Chia-Chang; Tzen, Jason T C; Lai, Chien-Chen-
-iStable: off-the-shelf predictor integration for predicting protein stability changesChen, Chi-Wei; Lin, Jerome; Chu, Yen-Wei-
-Predicting human protein subcellular localization by heterogeneous and comprehensive approachesTung, Chi-Hua; Chen, Chi-Wei; Sun, Han-Hao; 朱彥煒; Chu, Yen-Wei
-QuaBingo: A Prediction System for Protein Quaternary Structure Attributes Using Block CompositionTung, Chi-Hua; Chen, Chi-Wei; Guo, Ren-Chao; Ng, Hui-Fuang; Chu, Yen-Wei-
-siPRED: Predicting siRNA Efficacy Using Various Characteristic MethodsPan, Wei-Jie; Chen, Chi-Wei; Chu, Yen-Wei
-SUMOgo: Prediction of sumoylation sites on lysines by motif screening models and the effects of various post-translational modificationsChang, Chi-Chang; Tung, Chi-Hua; Chen, Chi-Wei; Tu, Chin-Hau; 朱彥煒; Chu, Yen-Wei
-使用機器學習與模型選擇預測蛋白質瓜胺酸化位置陳啟瑋; Chen, Chi-Wei-
-海域流場與其延散係數之數值模擬研究陳志威; Chen, Chi-Wei-