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-Metal nanobullets for multidrug resistant bacteria and biofilmsChen, Ching-Wen; Hsu, Chia-Yen; Lai, Syu-Ming; Syu, Wei-Jhe; Wang, Ting-Yi; Lai, Ping-Shan-
-以紅麴酸性蛋白酶或鹼性蛋白酶處理之雞腳水解產物中血管收縮素轉化酶抑制活性及in vivo試驗中抗高血壓效果之評估陳靖雯; Chen, Ching-Wen-
-小鼠胚幹細胞衍生之神經先驅細胞的分化與去分化陳靜雯; Chen, Ching-Wen-