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-Enhanced photodynamic cancer treatment by supramolecular nanocarriers charged with dendrimer phthalocyanineNishiyama, N.; 賴秉杉; Nakagishi, Y.; Morimoto, Y.; Lai, P.S.; Miyazaki, K.; Urano, K.; Horie, S.; Kumagai, M.; Fukushima, S.; Cheng, Y.; Jang, W.D.; Kikuchi, M.; Kataoka, K.-
-Identification and characterization of the causal agent of a new viral disease on sweet pepper in TaiwanHuang, C.; Zheng, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Chen, C.; Jan, F.-
-Nucleotide-binding activity of the infectious bursal disease virus structural protein, VP3, expressed in E-coliLai, S.; Wang, M.; Cheng, Y.-