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-AFLP fingerprinting for paternity testing in ducksHuang, C.W.; 黃木秋; Cheng, Y.S.; Rouvier, R.; Yang, K.T.; Wu, C.P.; Huang, M.C.-
-Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) linkage mapping by AFLP fingerprintingHuang, C.W.; 黃木秋; Cheng, Y.S.; Rouvier, R.; Yang, K.T.; Wu, C.P.; Huang, H.L.; Huang, M.C.-
-Genome-Wide Transcript Expression Analysis in the Uterovaginal Junction in Association with Fertile Period in Tsaiya DucksHuang, H.L.; Cheng, Y.S.; Yang, K.T.; Chen, C.H.; Huang, M.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-A novel genetic marker of the ovomucoid gene associated with hatchability in Tsaiya ducks (Anas platyrhynchos)Huang, H.L.; Cheng, Y.S.; Huang, C.W.; Huang, M.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Real-time forecast of multiphase outbreakHsieh, Y.H.; Cheng, Y.S.-
-Relative genetic effects of Duroc and Taoyuan breeds on the economic traits of their hybridsYen, N.T.; 黃木秋; Tai, C.; Cheng, Y.S.; Huang, M.C.-
-Selection responses for the number of fertile eggs of the Brown Tsaiya duck (Anas platyrhynchos) after a single artificial insemination with pooled Muscovy (Cairina moschata) semenCheng, Y.S.; Rouvier, R.; Poivey, J.P.; Tai, J.J.L.; Tai, C.; Huang, S.C.-
-Separation of pure and immunoreactive virus-like particles using gel filtration chromatography following immobilized metal ion affinity chromatographyCheng, Y.S.; 王敏盈; Lee, M.S.; Lai, S.Y.; Doong, S.R.; Wang, M.Y.-