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-1970年代黃春明小說中兒童的家國寓言Yu-ying Luo; 羅玉瑩
-American and Taiwanese TV Dramas in the Transnational Connection: A Study of 'Sex and the City' and 'Material Queen'陳織菁; Zh-jing Chen
-Beyond the National Allegory:Imaging Dynamic Territories of Taiwanese and Japanese Colonial Literature Studies-Translating the Political,Re-envisioning the Social:What's the Next Turn for Taiwan?高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-Changes of Texts and Contexts between the Japanese Original and the Chinese Translation of Yang Kui's "Mother Goose"s Marriage'高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-Imperialist Ambiguity and Ambivalence in Japanese and Taiwanese Literature,1895-1945,p.p.281高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao
-(Inter)national Ambiguities:Reinterpretation of Japanese Marxism and Modernity in Kobayashi's "The Crab Boat-Hinterland of East-West Interplay of Reality"高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-National Allegory of Children''s Characters in Huang Chun-ming''s Novels during the 1970s羅玉瑩; Yu-ying Luo
-Quotidian Performance as Historical and Cultural Construction in Cristina Garcia's Monkey Hunting-Asian Diaspora:Transnationalism and Heterogeneity高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-Reorganizing the Gender System:the Assertion of the Female Subject as a Feminist in Yoru no Nesame-Gender in Pre-modern Japanese Literature高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-Stevenson's Pacific Journey—Narrating Fantasy and Imperialism in Island Nights' EntertainmentsChieh-Ying Kao; 高潔盈
-「文明」対「野蛮」の虚像に隠れた「文明人=野蛮人」 の実像-大鹿卓の「野蛮人」,presented in Japanese高嘉勵 ; Chia-li Kao-
-浪漫的激情‧理想的實踐—吳音寧的文學追尋與社會關懷何旻叡; Ho, Min-Ruey-
-由空間探討施叔青「台灣三部曲」的身分認同張惠君; Chang, Hui-Chun-
-試論王家祥在《小矮人之謎》、《魔神仔》中展現的環境意識林美蘭; Lin, Mei-Lan
-跨國連結下的美、台電視劇:以《慾望城市》及《拜金女王》為例Zh-jing Chen; 陳織菁