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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Thermosets derived from diallyl-containing main-chain type benzoxazine polymersChien Han Chen; Ching Hsuan Lin; 林慶炫; Tung I. Wong; Meng Wei Wang; Tzong Yuan Juang
-低介電聚醚醯亞胺及環氧樹脂水性化之界面活性劑製備及應用廖婉琳; Wan-Lin Liao
-低介電銅箔基板用之苯乙烯化磷系酚醛樹脂Chih Yao Hou; 侯智耀
-雙環戊二烯之聚氧二甲苯衍生物合成與探討Han Ya Lin; 林翰亞
-雙環戊二烯氰酸酯/benzoxazine 及磷系氰酸酯/benzoxazine 共聚合物之合成與物性Yu Wei Chou; 周裕偉