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-Effects of mPEG Grafts on Morphology and Cross-Linking of Thermally Induced Micellar Assemblies from PAAc-Based Graft Copolymers in Aqueous PhaseChiang, W.H.; 邱信程; Hsu, Y.H.; Lou, T.W.; Chern, C.S.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Effects of protective colloids upon properties of ethylcellulose microcapsules prepared from various non-solvent addition methodsChiu, H.C.; Lo, C.L.; Wang, F.Y.; Hsu, J.-
-Effects of SDS on the thermo- and pH-sensitive structural changes of the poly(acrylic acid)-based copolymer containing both poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and monomethoxy poly(ethylene glycol) grafts in waterHsu, Y.H.; 邱信程; Chiang, W.H.; Chen, M.C.; Chern, C.S.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Effects of spacer arms on Cibacron Blue 3GA immobilization and lysozyme adsorption using regenerated cellulose membrane discsSuen, S.Y.; 孫幸宜; Lin, S.Y.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Enhanced protein renaturation by temperature-responsive polymersLin, S.C.; 林松池; Lin, K.L.; Chiu, H.C.; Lin, S.Y.-
-Equilibrium swelling of copolymerized acrylic acid- methacrylated dextran networks: Effects of pH and neutral saltChiu, H.C.; 邱信程; Lin, Y.F.; Hung, S.H.-
-Family communication and parental influence on children's brand attitudesHsieh, Y.C.; Chiu, H.C.; Lin, C.C.-
-FTIR-ATR measurements of the ionization extent of acrylic acid within copolymerized methacrylated dextran/acrylic acid networks and its relation with pH/salt concentration-induced equilibrium swellingChiu, H.C.; 邱信程; Hsiue, T.; Chen, W.Y.-
-How to encourage customers to use legal softwareChiu, H.C.; Hsieh, Y.C.; Wang, M.C.-
-Hydrophobic solid phase extraction using n-alkanoic acid-immobilized anion-exchange membranes as adsorbentsHong, S.M.; 孫幸宜; Chen, S.J.; Chiu, H.C.; Sulejmanovic, D.; Conte, E.D.; Suen, S.Y.-
-Interactions between amphiphilic graft copolymer-intercalated liposomesChern, C.S.; 邱信程; Chen, W.Y.; Chiu, H.C.; Chang, F.H.; Hsieh, M.H.; Tu, J.R.-
-Interactions between nonionic Triton X surfactants and cholesterol-containing phosphatidylcholine liposomesChern, C.S.; 邱信程; Chiu, H.C.; Yang, Y.S.-
-Isolation of lysozyme from hen egg albumen using glass fiber-based cation-exchange membranesChiu, H.C.; 孫幸宜; Lin, C.W.; Suen, S.Y.-
-Layered inorganic/enzyme nanohybrids with selectivity and structural stability upon interacting with biomoleculesChen, G.J.; 邱信程; Yen, M.C.; Wang, J.M.; Lin, J.J.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Maintaining a committed online customer: A study across search-experience-credence productsHsieh, Y.C.; Chiu, H.C.; Chiang, M.Y.-
-Nano-scaled pH-responsive polymeric vesicles for intracellular release of doxorubicinHuang, W.C.; 林松池; Chiang, W.H.; Huang, Y.F.; Lin, S.C.; Shih, Z.F.; Chern, C.S.; Chiang, C.S.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Novel hybrid vesicles co-assembled from a cationic lipid and PAAc-g-mPEG with pH-triggered transmembrane channels for controlled drug releaseHuang, Y.F.; Chiang, W.H.; Tsai, P.L.; Chern, C.S.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Polymer vesicles containing small vesicles within interior aqueous compartments and pH-Responsive transmembrane channelsChiu, H.C.; 邱信程; Lin, Y.W.; Huang, Y.F.; Chuang, C.K.; Chern, C.S.-
-Polysaccharide-modified poly(ether sulfone) hollow fibers as solid supports for affinity adsorption: Equilibrium adsorption studySuen, S.Y.; 孫幸宜; Chiu, H.C.; Tsai, Y.D.-
-Preparation and characterization of amphiphilic poly(ethylene glycol) graft copolymersChiu, H.C.; 邱信程; Hu, C.H.; Chern, C.S.-