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-Bis-p-xylyl 26 crown-6/pyridinium ion recognition: one-pot synthesis of molecular shuttlesHuang, Y.L.; Lin, C.F.; Cheng, P.N.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Block histogram-based neural fuzzy approach to the segmentation of skin colorsJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Perng, H.S.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Capturing a c2 daisy chain using the threading-followed-by-swelling approachUeng, S.H.; Hsueh, S.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Penga, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Controlling the rotation of a complexed guest within a molecular cageYen, M.L.; 賴建成; Chen, N.C.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Direct observation of mixed-valence and radical cation dimer states of tetrathiafulvalene in solution at room temperature: Association and dissociation of molecular clip dimers under oxidative controlChiang, P.T.; 賴建成; Chen, N.C.; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Dual-action acid/base- and base/acid-controllable molecular switchYen, M.L.; 賴建成; Li, W.S.; Lai, C.C.; Chao, I.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Efficient solvent-free syntheses of 2 - and 4 rotaxanesHsueh, S.Y.; Cheng, K.W.; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Fuzzy system learned through fuzzy clustering and support vector machine for human skin color segmentationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chiu, S.H.; Shiu, S.J.-
-A Guanidinium Ion-Based Anion- and Solvent Polarity-Controllable Molecular SwitchLin, T.C.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Highly selective Na+-templated formation of 2 pseudorotaxanes exhibiting significant optical outputsHsueh, S.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-A Metal-Free &quot;Threading-Followed-by-Shrinking&quot; Protocol for Rotaxane SynthesisHsueh, S.Y.; 賴建成; Ko, J.L.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-A Molecular Cage That Selectively Complexes Three Different Guests in SolutionYen, M.L.; 賴建成; Chen, N.C.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-A Molecular Cage-Based 2 Rotaxane That Behaves as a Molecular MuscleChuang, C.J.; Li, W.S.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chao, I.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Parking and restarting a molecular shuttle in situChen, N.C.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Protecting a squaraine near-IR dye through its incorporation in a slippage-derived 2 RotaxaneHsueh, S.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Wang, Y.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Reading the operation of an acid/base-controllable molecular switch by naked eyeCheng, K.W.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Chiang, P.T.; Chiu, S.H.-
-A self-organizing TS-type fuzzy network with support vector learning and its application to classification problemsJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chiu, S.H.; Chang, S.W.-
-Self-Sorting under Solvent-Free Conditions: One-Pot Synthesis of a Hetero 3 rotaxaneChen, P.N.; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Serotonin accumulation in transgenic rice by over-expressing tryptophan decarboxlyase results in a dark brown phenotype and stunted growthKanjanaphachoat, P.; Wei, B.Y.; Lo, S.F.; Wang, I.W.; Wang, C.S.; Yu, S.M.; Yen, M.L.; Chiu, S.H.; Lai, C.C.; Chen, L.J.-