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-Effects of glucose concentration on in vitro fertilization in BALB/c miceWu, H.T.; 黃木秋; Chou, C.K.; Lin, C.S.; Huang, M.C.-
-Expression of human serum albumin in milk of transgenic mice using goat beta-casein/human serum albumin fusion geneWu, H.T.; 黃木秋; Chou, C.K.; Huang, M.C.-
-KEAP1 E3 Ligase-Mediated Downregulation of NF-kappa B Signaling by Targeting IKK betaLee, D.F.; 賴建成; Kuo, H.P.; Liu, M.; Chou, C.K.; Xia, W.Y.; Du, Y.; Shen, J.; Chen, C.T.; Huo, L.; Hsu, M.C.; Li, C.W.; Ding, Q.Q.; Liao, T.L.; Lai, C.C.; Lin, A.C.; Chang, Y.H.; Tsai, S.F.; Li, L.Y.; Hung, M.C.-