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-Confirmation of the parasitoid feeding habit in Sycoscapter, and their impact on pollinator abundance in Ficus formosanaTzeng, H.Y.; Tseng, L.J.; Ou, C.H.; Lu, K.C.; Lu, F.Y.; Chou, L.S.-
-Phylogenetic analyses suggest a hybrid origin of the figs (Moraceae: Ficus) that are endemic to the Ogasawara (Bonin) Islands, JapanKusumi, J.; Azuma, H.; Tzeng, H.Y.; Chou, L.S.; Peng, Y.Q.; Nakamura, K.; Su, Z.H.-
-PORTABLE MICROSATELLITE PRIMERS FOR FICUS (MORACEAE)Garcia, M.; Bain, A.; Tzeng, H.Y.; Peng, Y.Q.; Chou, L.S.; Kjellberg, F.-