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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-A BST-based robust image hiding methodHo, Y.A.; 蔡垂雄; Chan, Y.K.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; 詹永寬-
-Edge enhancement nucleus and cytoplast contour detector of cervical smear imagesYang-Mao, S.F.; 詹永寬; Chan, Y.K.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Enhancement of fairness in a DiffServ network using a novel queuing algorithmHuang, Y.H.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.; Kuo, C.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Further improvement on a novel privacy preserving authentication and access control scheme for pervasive computing environmentsLi, C.T.; 黃明祥; Hwang, M.S.; Chu, Y.P.-
-A generic application sharing architecture based on message-oriented middleware platformLu, H.C.; Chu, Y.P.; Sheu, R.K.; Lo, W.T.-
-A HDWT-based reversible data hiding methodChan, Y.K.; 蔡垂雄; Chen, W.T.; Yu, S.S.; Ho, Y.A.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; 喻石生 ; 詹永寬-
-A high capacity reversible data hiding scheme with edge prediction and difference expansionWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Lee, C.C.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; Chen, H.R.-
-High-capacity reversible data hiding in binary images using pattern substitutionHo, Y.A.; 詹永寬; Chan, Y.K.; Wu, H.C.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Identification of mouse mslp2 gene from EST databases by repeated searching, comparison, and assemblingChan, W.L.; 詹永寬; Chang, J.G.; Chen, Y.F.; Chan, Y.K.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Improvement of authenticated encryption schemes with message linkages for message flowsHwang, M.S.; Lo, J.W.; Hsiao, S.Y.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Improving fairness in DiffServ networks using adaptive aggregate markersLin, K.C.; 林冠成; Huang, Y.H.; Tsai, C.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Improving the security of a secure anonymous routing protocol with authenticated key exchange for ad hoc networksHwang, M.S.; Li, C.T.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Local allocation of end-to-end delay requirementChu, Y.P.; 林冠成; Hwang, E.H.; Lin, K.C.; Chen, C.H.-
-A minute lossy method for 2D-gel images compressionChan, Y.K.; 詹永寬; Liau, D.L.; Chen, Y.F.; Wu, H.C.; Chu, Y.P.-
-A multiple-level visual secret-sharing scheme without image size expansionChen, Y.F.; 蔡孟勳; Chan, Y.K.; Huang, C.C.; Tsai, M.H.; Chu, Y.P.; 詹永寬-
-New data hiding scheme using pixel swapping for halftone imagesChang, Y.F.; 蔡垂雄; Feng, J.B.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; Syu, H.C.-
-A new multi-secret images sharing scheme using Largrange's interpolationFeng, J.B.; 蔡垂雄; Wu, H.C.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.-
-New steganographic method of pixel value differencingLu, H.C.; Chu, Y.P.; Hwang, M.S.-
-Optimal admission control based on per-switch delay allocation for networks with a bounded delay serviceChu, Y.P.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.-