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-A Molecular Cage-Based 2 Rotaxane That Behaves as a Molecular MuscleChuang, C.J.; Li, W.S.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chao, I.; Chiu, S.H.-
-On testing the equivalence of treatments using the measure of rangeChen, H.J.; Wen, M.J.; Chuang, C.J.-
-Weakly Associated TFPB Anions Are Superior to PF6 Anions When Preparing (Pseudo)Rotaxanes from Crown Ethers and Secondary Dialkylammonium IonsChen, N.C.; Chuang, C.J.; Wang, L.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Chiu, S.H.-