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-Effectively Improved SiO2-TiO2 Composite Films Applied inCommercial Multicrystalline Silicon Solar Cells-
-Effects of Boron Penetration and Poly Gate Depletion on Characteristics of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor CapacitorsShih, Yi-Chun; 石逸群-
-Effects of different catalysts on the growth of ZnO nanorods for the application of dye-sensitized solar cells江朋威; Chiang, Peng-Wei-
-The effects of the compact blocking layer in the dye-sensitized solar cellHsieh, Min-Kang; 謝旻剛-
-Fabrication of post plasma treated aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films for solar cell applicationsChen, Ying-Ching; 陳穎慶-
-Improve the Properties of p-i-n 𝛼-Si:H Thin-Film Solar CellsUsing the Diluted Hydrochloric Acid-Etched GZO Thin Films
-Optical and magnetic properties of hydrothermally synthesized Al-doped ZnO Nanorods-
-P型通道複晶矽薄膜電晶體之可靠度研究張為鈞; Chang, Wei-Chun-
-Structural, electrical, and optical properties of carbon nanotube-incorporated Aldopedzinc oxide thin films prepared by sol-gel method-
-三五族pHEMT之電性分析與量測韓季霖; Han, Chi-Lin-
-以原子層沉積技術在低溫使用二乙基鋅及氧化亞氮成長高品質氧化鋅薄膜之研究Chung, Ping-Han; 鍾秉翰-
-以原子層沉積系統生長氧化鋁薄膜鈍化層並應用於薄型矽晶片太陽能電池之研究洪健雄; Hung, Chien-Hsiung-
-以原子層沉積系統製備氧化鋁鈍化薄膜應用於射極鈍化背接觸太陽電池楊智翔; Chih-Hsiang Yang
-以溶膠凝膠法製作Zn1-xSnxO透明薄膜特性研究謝育達; Hsieh, Yu-Tar-
-以溶膠凝膠法製作氧化鋅鎂薄膜特性之研究謝宏旻; Hsieh, Hung-Min-
-以溶膠凝膠法製備ZnO:Al透明導電膜黃啟量; Huang, Chi-Liang-
-以選擇性射極製程法應用於薄晶片太陽能電池之研究陳昱睿; Chen, Yu-Ruei-
-低溫複晶矽薄膜電晶體在直流與交流電壓應力下不穩定性之研究林傑嵩; Lin, Jie-Sung-
-具快速暫態反應的PWM/PSM雙模式控制12V轉1V直流對直流轉換器黃俊凌; Chun-Ling Huang
-利用Sol-Gel方法製作AZO透明導電膜及其特性分析張介佳; Chang, Chieh-Chia-