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-(Animal Reprod. Sci.,63(3-4):231-240)Association of heat shock protein 70 with semen quality in boarsS. Y. Huang; Y. H. Kuo; Y. P. Lee; H. L. Tsou; E. C. Lin; C. C. Ju; W. C. Lee
-(J. Chin. Soc. Anim. Sci.,26:073)Substantial decrease of heat shock protein 90 in frozen-thawed boar spermatozoaS. Y. Huang; Y. H. Kuo; H. L. Tsou; Y. P. Lee; H. L. Chang; J. J. Wu; Y. Z. King; E. C. Lin; W. C. Lee-
-Sequence homology comparison between goose and chicken liver cDNA librariesY. H. Wang; E. C. Lin; M. C. Hsu; C. Y. Lien; B. T. Tsai; C. F. Yen; H. W. Lin; S. T. Ding; W. T. K. Cheng; K. T. Yang; M. C. Huang; Y.-H. Fan; S.-H. Chiou; C.F. Chen; Y. P. Lee-