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-Solid solution coating of (TiVCrZrHf)N with unusual structural evolution-
-Structural and mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered Ti–V–Cr–Al–N films-
-Structural morphology and characterization of (AlCrMoTaTi)N coating deposited via magnetron sputtering-
-Structural, electro-optical, and mechanical properties of reactively sputtered (TiZrHf)N coatingsDu-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Erh-Chiang Chen; Yung-Cheng Liu; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 蔡篤承
-A study of interfacial reactions in the thermally stable Ag-In microjoints劉武漢; Liu, Wu-Han-
-The study of laser induced amorphous silicon thin films crystallization陳建璋; Chen, Jan-Chang-
-A Study of Low Temperature Cofiring of Microwave Multilayer Dielectric CeramicsLee, Ying-Chieh; 李英杰-
-Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Containing and Hydrogenated Diamond-Like Carbon Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Process張奇龍; Chang, Chi-Lung-
-Thickness dependence of the structural, electrical, and optical properties of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin filmsDu-Cheng Tsai; 蔡篤承; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Yu-Hong Wang; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu
-Ultrasonic chemical synthesis of CdS-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites with an enhanced visible light photoactivityYi-Chen Lin; Du-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 薛富盛
-Wide variation in the structure and physical properties of reactively sputtered (TiZrHf)N coatings under different working pressuresDu-Cheng Tsai; 蔡篤承; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Bo-Cheng Chen; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu
-不同硒分子態對CIAS薄膜微結構的影響鍾德儒; Jung, De-Ru-
-共濺鍍鈦鋯鉿合金氮化物摻雜鋁薄膜之微結構與特性研究邱成駿; Cheng-Chun Chiu
-反應磁控共濺鍍系統沉積鈦酸鋅薄膜之微結構及其特性研究黃彥霖; Yen-Lin Huang
-太陽光電用透明導電薄膜之加速壽命試驗及耐久性質研究鄧靖桓; Ching-Huan Teng
-射頻磁控濺鍍硫氧化鋅薄膜的光學性質與微結構探討郭柄豪; Kuo, Bing-Hau-
-氮化物鍍著於不銹鋼之微結構與機械性質研究蕭銘華; Shiao, Ming-Hua-
-氮化鈦鍍膜在不銹鋼之微結構與界面極限剪應力測量鄭蓮晃; Cheng, Lien-Huang-
-溫度敏感性與磁性奈米顆粒之製備以及藥物傳輸系統之應用連怡欣; Lien, Yi-Hsin-
-物理氣相反應沉積含鉻系列鍍膜之微結構分析與熱穩定性研究謝文彬; Hsieh, Wen-Pin-