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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Microbes and Environments, 24(1):028-032)Splicing of a Bacterial Group II Intron from Bacillus megaterium Is Independent of Intron-Encoded ProteinM. F. Chien; S. Tosa; C. C. Huang; G. Endo
-(Microbes and Environments,14(2):077-084)Molecular Analysis of merA Gene Possessed by Anaerobic Mercury-Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Sediment of Minamata BayNaritaM. Narita; C. C. Huang; G. Endo
-(Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi,74(8):897-901)Expressional regulation of a novel organomercurial lyase gene encoded in the mercury resistance module of TnMERI1 from Bacillus megaterium MB1YamagataT. Yamagata; C. C. Huang; M. Narita; T. Sato, K. Tsuka; G. Endo
-Organomercurials removal by heterogeneous merB genes harboring bacterial strainsM. F. Chien; M. Narita; K. H. Lin; K. Matsui; C. C. Huang; G. Endo
-(Proceedings of 3rd IAWQ Specialized Conference on Hazard Assessment and Control of Environmental Contaminants, p258-p265)Development of bio-luminescence sensor to monitor the environmental mercury contaminationG. Endo; F. Ohtsuki; C. C. Huang-
-(Proceedings of Environmental Engineering Research,35:457-466)Isolation of Anaerobic Mercury-Resistant Bacteria from Minamata Bay Sediment and Molecular Analysis of Those Mercury-Resistance GeneC. C. Huang; M. Narita; G. Endo
-(Proceedings of Environmental Engineering Research,36:029-037)Study on Ubiquity of Mercury Resistance Genes and Multi Heavy-Metal Resistance of Clostridia, Strictly Anaerobic BacteriaC. C. Huang; M. Narita; T. Yamagata; G. Endo; T. Koizumi
-(Proceedings of Environmental Engineering Research,36:039-047)Identification and Characterization of a new broad-spetrum mercury resistance mer operon encoded in a Gram-positive bacterium, Bacillus megaterium MB1C. C. Huang; M. Narita; T. Yamagata; G. Endo
-(Proceedings of Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology, p368-p371)Substrate specificity of the three organomercury lyase genes of a mercury resistance module of Bacillus megaterium MB1M. Narita; C. C Huang; T. Yamagata; T. Koizumi; G. Endo-
-(Proceedings of Fifth International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology, p372-p375)Development of bio-monitoring and bio-purification system for the prevention of organomercury contaminationC. C. Huang; M. Narita; G. Endo-
-(Water Science & Technology,46(11-12):253-256)Bio-affecting mercury detection using mercury resistance gene module fused with bioluminescence reporter genesT. Yamagata; M. Ishii; M. Narita; G.-C. Huang; G. Endo
-(Water Science and Technology,42(3-4):109-114)Identification and characterization of anaerobic mercury-resistant bacteria isolated from mercury-polluted sedimentM. Narita; C. C. Huang; T. Koizumi; T. Ymagata; G. Endo