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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-( J. Med. Sci., 21:201-206)Metal binding site of pigeon liver malic enzymeH. C. Hung; W. Y. Chou; C. C. Kuo; T. M. Huang; G. G. Chang-
-(Journal of Protein Chemistry, 17:099-106)Inhibitory effects of magnesium ion on the human placental alkaline phosphatase-catalyzed reaction in a reverse micellar systemH. C. Hung; T. M. Huang; G. G. Chang-
-(JOURNAL OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY-PERKIN TRANSACTIONS 2, 10:2177-2182 )Partitioning of 4-nitrophenol in aerosol-OT reverse micellesH. C. Hung; T. M. Huang; G. G. Chang-
-(JOURNAL OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY-PERKIN TRANSACTIONS 2    , 12   : 2757-2760)Reverse micelles as a model system with which to study leaving group effects on alkaline phosphatase-catalysed hydrolysisH. C. Hung; T. M. Huang; G. G. Chang-
-(Proc. Natl. Sci. Counc, 24:089-100)Reverse micelles as the life process mimicking systemsH. C. Hung; G. G. Chang; T. M. Huang-
-(Protein Science, 10(1):034-045)Differentiation of the slow binding mechanism for magnesium ion activation and zinc ion inhibition of human placental alkaline phosphataseH. C. Hung; G. G. Chang-
-(PROTEIN SCIENCE , 11:332-341)Structural studies of the pigeon cytosolic NADP+-dependent malic enzymeH. C. Hung; Z. Yang; Zhang. H.; C. C. Kuo; L. C. Tsai; H. S. Yuan; W. Y. Chou; G. G. Chang; L. Tong-
-(PROTEINS-STRUCTURE FUNCTION AND GENETICS   , 33    (1)    :049-061    )Biphasic denaturation of human placental alkaline phosphatase in guanidinium chlorideH. C. Hung; G. G. Chang-
-(PROTEINS-STRUCTURE FUNCTION AND GENETICS    , 54:404-411)Metal-induced reversible structural interconversion of human mitochondrial NAD(P)(+)-dependent malic enzymeH. C. Hung; C. W. Kuo; L. Tong; G. G. Chang-