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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,33(5):078)The acute effects of exhaustive exercise on serum immunoglobulin in asymptomatic hepatitis B carriersJ. Y. Ho; M. D. Hsu; H. C. Huang; J. C. Lin; J. M. Tseng; C. L. Fang-
-(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,35(5):394)The effects of consecutive training on T-lymphocyte in healthy hepatitis B carriersJ. Y. Ho; F. C. L. Fang; M. D. Hsu; H. C. Huang-
-(Plant Pathology Bulletin, 11(4):207-214)Organic soil amendment for control of apothecial production of Sclerotinia sclerotiorumH. C. Huang; R. S. Erickson; C. Chang; J. R. Moyer; F. J. Larney; J. W. Huang
-(Plant Prot. Bull., 39(4):402-403)Improvement of a commercial growth medium for cultivation of vegetable seedlingsF. L. Shiau; W. C. Chung; J. W. Huang; H. C. Huang-
-(Revista Mexicana de Fitopatologia H., 21:117-122)Infection of alfalfa pollen by mycoparasitic fungi Coniothyrium minitans and Gliocladium catenulatumH. C. Huang; E. G. Eokko; J. W. Huang-
-(Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 38:1348-1352)Control of apothecia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum by soil amendment with S-H mixture or Perlk a R in bean, canola and wheat fieldsH. C. Huang; R. S. Erickson; L. M. Phillippe; C. A. Mueller; S. K. Sun; J. W. Huang
-(Theriogenology,53(5):1177-1184)The decline of porcine sperm motility by geldanamycin, a specific inhibitor of heat-shock protein 90S. Y. Huang; Y. H. Kuo; H. L. Tsou; Y. P. Lee; Y. T. King; H. C. Huang; P. C. Yang; W. C. Lee