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-Colored Digital Watermarking Technology Based on Visual CryptographyH. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; S. C. Huang-
-(IEE Proceedings Vision, Image and Signal Processing, 152(5):611-615)Image Steganographic Scheme Based on Pixel-Value Differencing and LSB ReplacementH. C. Wu; N. I. Wu; C. S. Tsai; M. S. Hwang-
-(The Imaging Science Journal, 54(3):164-177)Multiple Images Sharing Based on Color Visual CryptographyH. C. Wu; H. C. Wang; C. S.Tsai-
-(International Journal of Information & Security, 15(2):199-210)A License Plate Recognition System in E-GovernmentH. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; C. H. Lai-
-(J Virol., 83(11):5796-5805Suppression of Bamboo mosaic virus accumulation by a putative methyltransferase in Nicotiana benthamiana.C. W. Cheng; Y. Y. Hsiao; H. C. Wu; C. M. Chuang; J. S. Chen; C. H. Tsai; Y. H. Hsu; Y. C. Wu; C. C. Lee; M. Meng-
-(J. Chin. Agric. Chem. Soc., 37: 095-104)The biochemical properties of tyrosinase isozymes from the banana leaf with black spot diseaseChu, H. L.; H. C. Wu; J. M. Kuo; D. B. Yeh; J. F. Shaw-
-(Journal of Systems and Software, 76(3):327-339)A New Multi-Secret Images Sharing Scheme Using Largrange's InterpolationJ. B. Feng; H. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; Y. P. Chu-
-(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3982:406-415 )A Semi-fragile Watermarking Scheme Based on SVD and VQ TechniquesH. C. Wu; C. P. Yeh; C. S. Tsai-
-(Pattern Recognition, 41(12):3572-3581)Visual secret sharing for multiple secretsJ. B. Feng; H. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; Y. F. Chang; Y. P. Chu-
-A Robust Grayscale Watermarking Scheme Using Angle QuantizationH. C. Wu; C. P. Yeh; C. S. Tsai