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-Scanning waveform analysis of a room-temperature-probe SQUID NDE systemChien, J.J.; Lin, I.S.; Horng, H.E.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, S.Y.; Yang, H.C.-
-Simultaneous identification of the low-field-induced tiny variation of complex refractive index for anisotropic and opaque magnetic-fluid thin film by a stable heterodyne Mach-Zehnder interferometerHong, C.Y.; Chieh, J.J.; Yang, S.Y.; Yang, H.C.; Horng, H.E.-
-Spatial Recognition of a Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Nondestructive Evaluation System Using a Small Room-Temperature ProbeChieh, J.J.; Lin, I.S.; Yang, S.Y.; Horng, H.E.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.-