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-Fabrication and Characterization of GaAs Solar Cells on Copper SubstratesTseng, M.C.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Tsai, Y.L.; Wuu, D.S.; Yu, H.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication and characterization of InGaN-based green resonant-cavity LEDs using hydrogen ion-implantation techniquesHuang, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Kuo, H.C.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
-Fabrication and efficiency improvement of micropillar InGaN/Cu light-emitting diodes with vertical electrodesWang, W.K.; 洪瑞華; Huang, S.Y.; Huang, S.H.; Wen, K.S.; Wuu, D.S.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication of a dual-planar-coil dynamic microphone by MEMS techniques洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Chen, K.F.; Tsai, Y.C.; Suen, C.Y.; Chang, C.C.-
-Fabrication of amorphous si thin-film transistors on an engineered parylene template using a direct separation processChiang, C.C.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Chen, Y.P.; Jaw, T.H.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication of Flexible Amorphous-Si Thin-Film Solar Cells on a Parylene Template Using a Direct Separation ProcessLo, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Chang, C.H.; Wang, C.C.; Lien, S.Y.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication of nc-Si/c-Si solar cells using hot-wire chemical vapor deposition and laser annealingWu, B.R.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Wan, M.S.; Huang, W.H.; Mao, H.Y.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication of pyramidal patterned sapphire substrates for high-efficiency InGaN-based light emitting diodesWuu, D.S.; 洪瑞華; Wang, W.K.; Wen, K.S.; Huang, S.C.; Lin, S.H.; Horng, R.H.; Yu, Y.S.; Pan, M.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrication of selective-emitter silicon heterojunction solar cells using hot-wire chemical vapor deposition and laser dopingWu, B.R.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Wan, M.S.; Mao, H.Y.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Fabrications of Si thin-film solar cells by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition and laser doping techniquesLien, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Mao, H.Y.; Wu, B.R.; Lin, Y.C.; Hseih, I.C.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Formation process and material properties of reactive sputtered IrO2 thin filmsHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Wu, L.H.; Lee, M.K.; 武東星-
-GaN Epilayer Grown on Ga2O3 Sacrificial Layer for Chemical Lift-Off ApplicationTsai, T.Y.; Horng, R.H.; Wuu, D.S.; Ou, S.L.; Hung, M.T.; Hsueh, H.H.-
-GaN-based green resonant cavity light-emitting diodesHuang, S.Y.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Wang, W.K.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
-GaN-based light-emitting diodes with indium tin oxide texturing window layers using natural lithographyHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Yang, C.C.; Wu, J.Y.; Huang, S.H.; Lee, C.E.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星; 吳震裕-
-GaN/mirror/Si light-emitting diodes for vertical current injection by laser lift-off and wafer bonding techniquesWuu, D.S.; 洪瑞華; Hsu, S.C.; Huang, S.H.; Wu, C.C.; Lee, C.E.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Growth and characterization of 380-nm InGaN/AlGaN LEDs grown on patterned sapphire substratesHorng, R.H.; 洪瑞華; Wang, W.K.; Huang, S.C.; Huang, S.Y.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, C.F.; Wuu, D.S.; 武東星-
-Growth and characterization of epitaxial ZnO nanowall networks using metal organic chemical vapor depositionWu, C.C.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Chen, T.N.; Yu, T.E.; Lin, P.R.; Horng, R.H.; Lai, H.Y.; 武東星-
-Growth and characterization of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes on patterned sapphire substratesWang, W.K.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Lin, S.H.; Huang, S.Y.; Wen, K.S.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-
-Growth and etching characteristics of gallium oxide thin films by pulsed laser depositionOu, S.L.; Wuu, D.S.; Fu, Y.C.; Liu, S.P.; Horng, R.H.; Liu, L.; Feng, Z.C.-
-Growth characteristics of GaN on (001)GaP substrates by MOVPEWuu, D.S.; 洪瑞華; Lin, W.T.; Pan, C.C.; Horng, R.H.; 武東星-