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-Assessing impacts of SARS and Avian Flu on international tourism demand to AsiaKuo, H.I.; 陳吉仲; Chen, C.C.; Tseng, W.C.; Ju, L.F.; Huang, B.W.; 曾偉君-
-An econometric analysis of SARS and Avian Flu on international tourist arrivals to AsiaMcAleer, M.; 張嘉玲; Huang, B.W.; Kuo, H.I.; Chen, C.C.; Chang, C.L.-
-Estimating the impact of avian flu on international tourism demand using panel dataKuo, H.I.; 陳吉仲; Chang, C.L.; Huang, B.W.; Chen, C.C.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
-Farm price prediction using case-based reasoning approach-A case of broiler industry in TaiwanShih, M.L.; 黃炳文; Huang, B.W.; Chiu, N.H.; Chiu, C.; Hu, W.Y.-
-Modelling risk in agricultural finance: Application to the poultry industry in TaiwanHuang, B.W.; 黃炳文; Chen, M.G.; Chang, C.L.; McAleer, M.; 張嘉玲-
-Price information evaluation and prediction for broiler using adapted case-based reasoning approachHuang, B.W.; 黃炳文; Shih, M.L.; Chiu, N.H.; Hu, W.Y.; Chiu, C.-