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-Ornithine decarboxylase prevents methotrexate-induced apoptosis by reducing intracellular reactive oxygen species productionHuang, C.C.; 洪慧芝; Hsu, P.C.; Hung, Y.C.; Liao, Y.F.; Liu, C.C.; Hour, C.T.; Kao, M.C.; Tsay, G.J.; Hung, H.C.; Liu, G.Y.-
-Overexpression of a single membrane component from the Bacillus mer operon enhanced mercury resistance in an Escherichia coli hostHsieh, J.L.; Chen, C.Y.; Chang, J.S.; Endo, G.; Huang, C.C.-
-Phase-transfer catalyzed benzoylation of 4-chloro-3-methylphenol sodium salt in liquid-liquid systemYang, H.M.; 楊鴻銘; Huang, C.C.-
-Phylogenetic analysis of classical swine fever virus isolated from TaiwanDeng, M.C.; 簡茂盛; Huang, C.C.; Huang, T.S.; Chang, C.Y.; Lin, Y.J.; Chien, M.S.; Jong, M.H.-
-Physicochemical properties of water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai) starch during growth periodWang, C.C.R.; 江伯源; Chiang, P.Y.; Li, P.H.; Huang, C.C.-
-Pilot study of the influence of stirring and pH on anaerobes converting high-solid organic wastes to hydrogenChou, C.H.; Wang, C.W.; Huang, C.C.; Lay, J.J.-
-Polypeptides for heavy-metal biosorption: capacity and specificity of two heterogeneous MerP proteinsHuang, C.C.; Su, C.C.; Hsieh, J.L.; Tseng, C.P.; Lin, P.J.; Chang, J.S.-
-Prefix-primitivity-preserving homomorphismsHuang, C.C.; 喻石生 ; Yu, S.S.-
-Production and characterization of bioactive recombinant resistin in Escherichia coliJuan, C.C.; Kan, L.S.; Huang, C.C.; Chen, S.S.; Ho, L.T.; Au, L.C.-
-Purification and function analysis of a broad-spectrum organomercurial lyase (MerB3) from mercury resistance transposon, TnMERI1Chien, M.F.; 黃介辰; Lin, H.T.; Lin, K.H.; Endo, G.; Huang, C.C.-
-Reactions of compost-derived humic substances with lead, copper, cadmium, and zincChien, S.W.C.; Wang, M.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the gp200 protein of Ehrlichia canis from dogs in TaiwanHuang, C.C.; 鍾楊聰; Hsieh, Y.C.; Tsang, C.L.; Chung, Y.T.-
-Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Thrombospondin-Related Adhesive Protein (TRAP) Gene of Babesia gibsoni Isolates from Dogs in TaiwanLee, C.C.; 鍾楊聰; Hsieh, Y.C.; Huang, C.C.; Tsang, C.L.; Chung, Y.T.-
-Serological survey and first finding of Neospora caninum in Taiwan, and the detection of its antibodies in various body fluids of cattleOoi, H.K.; 黃鴻堅; Huang, C.C.; Yang, C.H.; Lee, S.H.-
-Simultaneous detection and removal of organomercurial compounds by using the genetic expression system of an organomercury lyase from the transposon TnMERI1Narita, M.; Yamagata, T.; Ishii, H.; Huang, C.C.; Endo, G.-
-Splicing of a Bacterial Group II Intron from Bacillus megaterium Is Independent of Intron-Encoded ProteinChien, M.F.; 黃介辰; Tosa, S.; Huang, C.C.; Endo, G.-
-Stable isotopic characteristic of Taiwan's precipitation: A case study of western Pacific monsoon regionPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.; Fei, L.Y.; Chen, C.T.A.; Hwong, J.L.-
-A strategy for fabrication of a three-dimensional tissue construct containing uniformly distributed embryoid body-derived cells as a cardiac patchHuang, C.C.; Liao, C.K.; Yang, M.J.; Chen, C.H.; Hwang, S.M.; Hung, Y.W.; Chang, Y.; Sung, H.W.-
-Study of stable isotopes for highly deformed aquifers in the Hsinchu-Miaoli area, TaiwanLu, H.Y.; 彭宗仁; Peng, T.R.; Liu, T.K.; Wang, C.H.; Huang, C.C.-