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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Design strategy for optimizing power consumption of sensor node with Min(N,T) policy M/G/1 queuing modelsJiang, F.C.; Huang, D.C.; Yang, C.T.; Lin, C.H.; Wang, K.H.-
-Dual paths node-disjoint routing for data salvation in mobile ad hocJiang, F.C.; Lin, C.H.; Huang, D.C.; Yang, C.T.-
-Fast color-spatial feature based image retrieval methodsLin, C.H.; 詹永寬; Huang, D.C.; Chan, Y.K.; Chen, K.H.; Chang, Y.J.; 黃德成 -
-Impact of Different Thresholds on SSB AlgorithmChen, Y.S.; 黃德成 ; Wong, Y.S.; Deng, D.J.; Huang, D.C.-
-Improved Markov predictor in wireless networksYuan, Y.; 黃德成 ; Huang, L.; Tang, Y.; Deng, D.J.; Huang, D.C.-
-An Intelligent Military Scenario Development Platform Based on Cloud ComputingHsu, I.C.; 黃德成 ; Tzeng, Y.K.; Huang, D.C.-
-Is RTS/CTS Mechanism Effective for WLANs?Deng, D.J.; 黃德成 ; Chang, L.W.; Wang, H.W.; Huang, D.C.; Huang, Y.M.-
-Leukocyte nucleus segmentation and nucleus lobe countingChan, Y.K.; 蔡孟勳; Tsai, M.H.; Huang, D.C.; Zheng, Z.H.; Hung, K.D.; 詹永寬; 黃德成 -
-Lifetime elongation for wireless sensor network using queue-based approachesJiang, F.C.; Huang, D.C.; Yang, C.T.; Leu, F.Y.-
-A Multiple Pattern Matching Method for Malicious Code DetectionHuang, D.C.; Lo, H.C.; Lai, P.L.; Chen, W.M.-
-OWL-L: An OWL-based language for Web resources linksHsu, I.C.; 黃德成 ; Tzeng, Y.K.; Huang, D.C.-
-A parallel built-in self-diagnostic method for nontraditional faults of embedded memory arraysArora, V.; 黃德成 ; Jone, W.B.; Huang, D.C.; Das, S.R.-