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-Effects of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in insulin-like growth factor-1 and insulin-like growth factor-2 genes on growth performance of centrally tested Duroc boars using segregated early weaning entranceHuang, S.Y.; Lo, L.L.; Chung, M.T.; Li, H.L.; Tu, C.F.; Tsou, H.L.; Huang, M.C.; Yu, Y.C.; Huang, T.H.; Lin, E.C.-
-Evaluation of the Antiangiogenic Effect of Kringle 1-5 in a Rat Glioma ModelLin, Y.L.; Tsai, M.J.; Lo, M.J.; Chang, S.E.; Shih, Y.H.; Lee, M.J.; Kuo, H.S.; Kuo, W.C.; Huang, W.C.; Cheng, H.; Huang, M.C.-
-Expressed transcripts associated with high rates of egg production in chicken ovarian folliclesYang, K.T.; 黃木秋; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, H.L.; Liou, J.S.; Chien, C.Y.; Wu, C.P.; Huang, C.W.; Ou, B.R.; Chen, C.F.; Lee, Y.P.; Lin, E.C.; Tang, P.C.; Lee, W.C.; Ding, S.T.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Huang, M.C.; 陳志峰; 唐品琦-
-The expression of genes related to egg production in the liver of Taiwan country chickensDing, S.T.; 黃木秋; Ko, Y.H.; Ou, B.R.; Wang, P.H.; Chen, C.L.; Huang, M.C.; Lee, Y.P.; Lin, E.C.; Chen, C.F.; Lin, H.W.; Cheng, W.T.K.; 陳志峰-
-The expression of genes related to egg production performance in the liver of Taiwanese country chickensDing, S.T.; Ko, Y.H.; Huang, M.C.; Lee, Y.P.; Cheng, W.T.K.-
-Expression of human serum albumin in milk of transgenic mice using goat beta-casein/human serum albumin fusion geneWu, H.T.; 黃木秋; Chou, C.K.; Huang, M.C.-
-Female-specific DNA sequences in geeseHuang, M.C.; 黃木秋; Lin, W.C.; Horng, Y.M.; Rouvier, R.; Huang, C.W.-
-Female-specific DNA sequences in ostrichesWu, C.P.; 黃木秋; Horng, Y.M.; Yang, K.T.; Huang, C.W.; Huang, M.C.-
-Genetic variations of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA polymorphisms in Taoyuan and Duroc pigsYen, N.T.; 黃木秋; Huang, M.C.; Tai, C.-
-Genome-Wide Transcript Expression Analysis in the Uterovaginal Junction in Association with Fertile Period in Tsaiya DucksHuang, H.L.; Cheng, Y.S.; Yang, K.T.; Chen, C.H.; Huang, M.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Genotoxic effects of triphenyltin acetate and triphenyltin hydroxide on mammalian cells in vitro and in vivoChao, J.S.; 黃木秋; Wei, L.Y.; Huang, M.C.; Liang, S.C.; Chen, H.H.C.-
-In vitro and ex vivo green fluorescent protein expression in alveolar mammary epithelial cells and mammary glands driven by the distal 5 '-regulative sequence and intron 1 of the goat beta-casein geneWu, H.T.; 黃木秋; Lin, C.S.; Huang, M.C.-
-Inflorescence and flower development in chinese ixoraChen, L.Y.; Chu, C.Y.; Huang, M.C.-
-Male-specific DNA sequences in pigsHorng, Y.M.; 黃木秋; Huang, M.C.-
-Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism and determination of effects on reproductive trait in pigsYen, N.T.; 黃木秋; Lin, C.S.; Ju, C.C.; Wang, S.C.; Huang, M.C.-
-Mitochondrial genome of Taiwan pig (Sus Scrofa)Chen, C.H.; Huang, H.L.; Yang, H.Y.; Lai, S.H.; Yen, N.T.; Wu, M.C.; Huang, M.C.-
-Novel family- and genus-specific DNA markers in MugilidaeLai, S.H.; Wang, Y.H.; Yang, K.T.; Chen, C.H.; Huang, M.C.-
-A novel genetic marker of the ovomucoid gene associated with hatchability in Tsaiya ducks (Anas platyrhynchos)Huang, H.L.; Cheng, Y.S.; Huang, C.W.; Huang, M.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-A novel molecular genetic marker for gender determination of pigeonsHorng, Y.M.; 黃木秋; Wu, C.P.; Wang, Y.C.; Huang, M.C.-
-A novel sex-specific DNA marker in Columbidae birdsWu, C.P.; 黃木秋; Horng, Y.M.; Wang, R.T.; Yang, K.T.; Huang, M.C.-