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-Identification acid characterization of the Escherichia coli-expressed RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of bamboo mosaic virusLi, Y.I.; 蔡慶修; Cheng, Y.M.; Huang, Y.L.; Tsai, C.H.; Hsu, Y.H.; Meng, M.H.; 徐堯煇; 孟孟孝-
-The impact of climate change on gastrointestinal diseases in TaiwanChang, C.C.; 吳俊霖 ; Wang, Y.C.; Wu, J.L.; Liu, C.M.; Sung, F.C.; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, W.Y.; Chuang, C.Y.-
-Improvement in intestinal function of hamsters as influenced by consumption of polysaccharide-rich sage weed extractsHuang, Y.L.; Chau, C.F.-
-Improvement in intestinall function and health by the peel fibre derived from Citrus sinensis L cv LiuchengChau, C.F.; 周志輝; Sheu, F.; Huang, Y.L.; Su, L.H.-
-In vitro hypoglycemic effects of different insoluble fiber-rich fractions prepared from the peel of Citrus sinensis L. cv. LiuchengChau, C.F.; 周志輝; Huang, Y.L.; Lee, M.H.-
-Influence of 4ZnO-B2O3 Addition on Dielectric Properties and Microstructures of Barium Strontium TitanateTeoh, L.G.; Lee, Y.C.; Huang, Y.L.; Huang, H.H.; Shieu, F.S.-
-INOR 279-DFT Studies on palladium complexes catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions assisted by N- or P-containing chelating ligandsHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.-
-Intestinal Health Benefits of the Water-Soluble Carbohydrate Concentrate of Wild Grape (Vitis thunbergii) in HamstersHuang, Y.L.; Chu, H.F.; Dai, F.J.; Yu, T.Y.; Chau, C.F.-
-Investigation of the cholesterol-lowering action of insoluble fibre derived from the peel of Citrus sinensis L. cv. LiuchengChau, C.F.; 周志輝; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, C.Y.-
-Load-carrying capacities and failure modes of scaffold-shoring systems, Part I: Modeling and experimentsHuang, Y.L.; Chen, H.J.; Rosowsky, D.V.; Kao, Y.G.-
-Load-carrying capacities and failure modes of scaffold-shoring systems, Part II: An analytical model and its closed-form solutionHuang, Y.L.; Kao, Y.G.; Rosowsky, D.V.-
-A monitoring method for scaffold-frame shoring systems for elevated concrete formworkHuang, Y.L.; Chen, W.F.; Chen, H.J.; Yen, T.; Kao, Y.G.; Lin, C.Q.-
-mRNA guanylation catalyzed by the S-adenosylmethionine-dependent guanylyltransferase of bamboo mosaic virusHuang, Y.L.; 徐堯煇; Hsu, Y.H.; Han, Y.T.; Meng, M.; 孟孟孝-
-Multiple artificial microRNAs targeting conserved motifs of the replicase gene confer robust transgenic resistance to negative-sense single-stranded RNA plant virusKung, Y.J.; Lin, S.S.; Huang, Y.L.; Chen, T.C.; Harish, S.S.; Chua, N.H.; Yeh, S.D.-
-Observations on reaction pathways of dicobalt octacarbonyl with alkynyl aminesHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.; Chen, H.L.-
-Optimizing mix-proportions for flowable high performance concrete via mortar rheologyYen, T.; Lai, C.P.; Tang, J.W.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Oxygen insertion in a carbon-phosphorus bond of the phenylethynyl-di-(tert-butyl)-phosphine bridged dicobalt complex: exploring the nature of oxygen migration using DFTHuang, Y.L.; 洪豐裕; Chang, C.P.; Hong, F.E.-
-Porphyrin dimers bridged by an electrochemically switchable unitMai, C.L.; 葉鎮宇; Huang, Y.L.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Preparation and characterization of a cobalt-containing mono-phosphine ligand and its coordinated molybdenum complexHuang, Y.L.; 洪豐裕; Wang, M.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of tricobalt methylidyne clusters: X-ray crystal structures of Co-3(CO)(9)(mu 3-CR) (R = CH2CH3, CH2C(=O)NH2, CH2C(=O)CH3) and CO3(CO)(7)(mu-P,P-PPh2CH2PPh2)(mu(3)-CCH2C6H4NH2)Hong, F.E.; Huang, Y.L.; Chang, Y.C.; Chu, K.M.; Tsai, Y.T.-