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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Journal of the Operational Research Society,50(3):275-282)Cost Analysis of the M/M/R Machine Repair Problem with Balking,Reneging,and Server BreakdownsJ. C. Ke; K. H. Wang
-(Journal of the Operational Research Society,54(5):515-520)Cost Analysis of the Unloader Queueing System with a Single Unloader Subject to BreakdownsK. H. Wang; Y. C. Chang; J. C. Ke
-(Mathematical Methods of Operations Research,61(3):505-520)Comparative Analysis for the N Policy M/G/1 Queueing System with a Removable and Unreliable ServerK. H. Wang; L. P. Wang; J. C. Ke; G. Chen-
-(Mathematical Methods of Operations Research,63(2):371-384)Maximum Likelihood Estimates and Confidence Intervals of an M/M/R Queue with Heterogeneous ServersT. Y. Wang; J. C. Ke; K. H. Wang; S. C. Ho-
-(Quality and Reliability Engineering International,18(6):467-478)The Reliability Analysis of Balking and Reneging in a Repairable System With Warm StandbysJ. C. Ke; K. H. Wang-
-(RAIRO-Operations Research,37(3):157-177)Analysis of Operating Characteristics for the Heterogeneous Batch Arrivals with Server Startup and BreakdownsJ. C. Ke; K. H. Wang
-(RAIRO-Operations Research,38(3):227-241)Maximum Likelihood Estimates and Confidence Intervals of an M/M/R/N Queue with Balking and Heterogeneous ServersK. H. Wang; S. C. Chen; J. C. Ke
-A Recursive Method to the Optimal Control of M/G/1 Queueing System with Finite CapacityK. H. Wang; J. C. Ke-
-Reliability of a Repairable System with Warm Standbys Plus Balking and RenegingJ. C. Ke; K. H. Wang-