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-(Microbiology(UK.), 148:1151-1159)Isolation of an endo-1,3-ß-glucanase gene from Streptomyces sioyaensis and characterization of the recombinant gene productT. Y. Honh; C. W. Cheng; J. W. Huang; M. Meng
-(Microbiology, 148(4):1151-1159)Isolation and biochemical characterization of an endo-1,3-beta-glucanase from Streptomyces sioyaensis containing a C-terminal family 6 carbohydrate-binding module that binds to 1,3-beta-glucanT. Y. Hong; C. W. Cheng; J. W. Huang; M. Meng-
-(Mycopathologia, 130:117-121)Production of fumonisins by Fusarium species of TaiwanT. C. Tseng; K. L. Lee; T. S. Deng; C. R. Liu; J. W. Huang-
-(Mycotaxon, 98:119-123)Astrosphaeriella linguiformis , a new species on bambooC. Y. Chen; J. W. Huang-
-(Mycotaxon, 98:153-158)Two new species of Kireschsteiniothelia from TaiwanC. Y. Chen; C. L. Wang; J. W. Huang-
-(Phytopathology, 79:1220)Fungi associated with damping-off of slash pine seedlingsJ. W. Huang; E. G. Kuhlman-
-(Phytopathology, 81:163-170)Formulation of a soil amendment to control damping-off of slash pine seedlingsJ. W. Huang; E. G. Kuhlman
-(Phytopathology, 81:171-177)Mechanisms for inhibiting damping-off pathogens of slash pine seedlings with a formulated soil amendmentJ. W. Huang; E. G. Kuhlman
-(Plant Cell Physiol., 44(11):1162-1167)Purification and Characterization of an Antifungal Chitinase in Jelly Fig (Ficus awkeotsang) AchenesY. C. Li; C. T. Chang; E. S. L. Hsiao; J. S. F. Hsu; J. W. Huang; T. C. Tzen
-(Plant Dis., 67:226-227)A new Fusarium wilt of bitter gourd in TaiwanS. K. Sun; J. W. Huang
-(Plant Dis., 69:917-920)Formulated soil amendment for controlling Fusarium wilt and other soilborne diseasesS. K. Sun; J. W. Huang
-(Plant Dis., 73:968-972)Recovery and pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia solani and binucleate Rhizoctonia-like fungi in forest nurseriesJ. W. Huang; E. G. Kuhlman
-(Plant Dis., 74:027-030)Fungi associated with damping-off of slash pine seedlings in GeorgiaJ. W. Huang; E. G. Kuhlman
-(Plant Pathol. Bull., 01:026-030)A baiting technique for assay of Rhizoctonia solani in kale nurseriesJ. W. Huang; S. H. Yang-
-(Plant Pathol. Bull., 01:203-205)Neocosmospora foot rot of peanut in TaiwanJ. W. Huang; S. S. Chen; W. C. Chung-
-(Plant Pathol. Bull., 03(1):009-017)Control of Chinese leek rust with a plant nutrient formulationJ. W. Huang-
-(Plant Pathol. Bull., 11:244)Identification of Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 as a potential biocontrol agentH. D. Shih; J. W. Huang-
-(Plant Pathol. Bull., 15(4):291)Bezimidazoles sensitivity test and molecular diversity in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. gladioli and F. oxysporum f.sp. liliiP. F. Ding; W. H. Chung; R. Chang Chien; Y. C. Tsai; Y. L. Lin; J. W. Huang-
-(Plant Pathology Bulletin, 10(1):037-044)Leaf-disk method for assessment of disease severity of lily blight caused by Botrytis ellipticaT. F. Hsieh; J. W. Huang
-(Plant Pathology Bulletin, 11(4):207-214)Organic soil amendment for control of apothecial production of Sclerotinia sclerotiorumH. C. Huang; R. S. Erickson; C. Chang; J. R. Moyer; F. J. Larney; J. W. Huang