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-Characterization and Regulation of the Osmolyte Betaine Synthesizing Enzymes GSMT and SDMT from Halophilic Methanogen Methanohalophilus portucalensisLai, Shu-Jung; Lai, Mei-Chin
-Comparison of Enzymatic Traits between Native and Recombinant Glycine Sarcosine N-Methyltransferase from Methanohalophilus portucalensis FDF1TLai, Shu-Jung; Deng, Yu-Chen; Lai, Mei-Chin; 賴美津
-Phosphoproteomic analysis of Methanohalophilus portucalensis FDF1(T) identified the role of protein phosphorylation in methanogenesis and osmoregulationWu, Wan-Ling; Lai, Shu-Jung; Yang, Jhih-Tian; Chern, Jeffy; Liang, Suh-Yuen; Chou, Chi-Chi; Kuo, Chih-Horng; Lai, Mei-Chin; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; 賴美津
-Site-specific His/Asp phosphoproteomic analysis of prokaryotes reveals putative targets for drug resistanceLai, Shu-Jung; Tu, I-Fan; Wu, Wan-Ling; Yang, Jhih-Tian; Luk, Louis Y P; 賴美津; Lai, Mei-Chin; Tsai, Yu-Hsuan; Wu, Shih-Hsiung
-Structural Analysis of Glycine Sarcosine N-methyltransferase from Methanohalophilus portucalensis Reveals Mechanistic Insights into the Regulation of Methyltransferase ActivityLee, Yi-Ru; Lin, Te-Sheng; Lai, Shu-Jung; Liu, Mu-Sen; Lai, Mei-Chin; Chan, Nei-Li; 賴美津
-Structure and mechanism of an antibiotics-synthesizing 3-hydroxykynurenine C-methyltransferaseChen, Sheng-Chia; Huang, Chi-Hung; Lai, Shu-Jung; Liu, Jai-Shin; Fu, Pin-Kuei; Tseng, Shih-Ting; Yang, Chia Shin; Lai, Mei-Chin; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Chen, Yeh-
-Transgenic Arabidopsis expressing osmolyte glycine betaine synthesizing enzymes from halophilic methanogen promote tolerance to drought and salt stressLai, Shu-Jung; Lai, Mei-Chin; Lee, Ren-Jye; Chen, Yu-Hsuan; Yen, Hungchen Emilie-
-中興新村再發展個案的演化:以夥伴關係觀點來檢視賴樹榮; Lai, Shu-Jung-
-高鹽甲烷太古生物之相容質甜菜鹼自體生合成酵素特性分析並探討其應用於模式生物阿拉伯芥與斑馬魚抗鹽抗旱的可行性賴姝蓉; Lai, Shu-Jung-