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-Mobile device integration of a fingerprint biometric remote authentication schemeChen, C.L.; Lee, C.C.; Hsu, C.Y.-
-Money demand function versus monetary integration: Revisiting panel cointegration among GCC countriesLee, C.C.; Chang, C.P.; Chen, P.F.-
-Motorcycle exhaust particles augment antigen-induced airway inflammation in BALB/c miceLee, C.C.; 廖俊旺; Cheng, Y.W.; Liao, J.W.; Chiang, B.L.; Lai, Y.L.; Kang, J.J.-
-Nanocomposites with enhanced electrical properties based on biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) and polyetheramine modified carbon nanotubeLin, C.S.; Shih, Y.F.; Jeng, R.J.; Dai, S.H.A.; Lin, J.J.; Lee, C.C.-
-New anonymous channel protocol in wireless communicationsHwang, M.S.; Lee, C.C.; Lee, J.Z.-
-A new authenticated group key agreement in a mobile environmentLee, C.C.; 蔡垂雄; Lin, T.H.; Tsai, C.S.-
-A new authentication protocol based on pointer forwarding for mobile communicationsLee, C.C.; 廖宜恩 ; Hwang, M.S.; Liao, I.E.-
-A new blind signature based on the discrete logarithm problem for untraceabilityLee, C.C.; Hwang, M.S.; Yang, W.P.-
-New evidence on the convergence of per capita carbon dioxide emissions from panel seemingly unrelated regressions augmented Dickey-Fuller testsLee, C.C.; Chang, C.P.-
-A new privacy and authentication protocol for end-to-end mobile usersLee, C.C.; Yang, C.C.; Hwang, M.S.-
-Non-linearity in the defence expenditure economic growth relationship in TaiwanLee, C.C.; 李建強; Chen, S.T.-
-Nonlinear adjustments in deviations from the law of one price for wholesale hog pricesChen, P.F.; Lee, C.C.-
-Optimization of the Extraction of Alpinia oxyphylla Essence Oil in Supercritical Carbon DioxideJu, H.Y.; 誠, 張; Huang, K.C.; Chen, J.H.; Liu, Y.C.; Chang, C.M.J.; Lee, C.C.; Chang, C.; Shieh, C.J.; 陳建華; 劉永銓; 張傑明; 謝淳仁-
-Optimization of Ultrasound-Accelerated Synthesis of Enzymatic Octyl Hydroxyphenylpropionate by Response Surface MethodologyLee, C.C.; 陳建華; Chen, H.C.; Ju, H.Y.; Liu, Y.C.; Chen, J.H.; Shie, S.Y.; Chang, C.; Shieh, C.J.; 劉永銓; 謝淳仁-
-A Panel Data Analysis of the Demand for Total Energy and Electricity in OECD CountriesLee, C.C.; Lee, J.D.-
-A password authentication scheme over insecure networksLiao, I.E.; 廖宜恩 ; Lee, C.C.; Hwang, M.S.-
-Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of immunogenic viruslike particles formed by infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) structural protein VP2Lee, C.C.; 王敏盈; Ko, T.P.; Lee, M.S.; Chou, C.C.; Lai, S.Y.; Wang, A.H.J.; Wang, M.Y.-
-Quality and antioxidant property of green tea sponge cakeLu, T.M.; 毛正倫; Lee, C.C.; Mau, J.L.; Lin, S.D.-
-A quick novel method to detect the adulteration of cow milk in goat milkLee, C.C.; Chang, H.S.; Sheen, H.S.-