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-Augmentation of regulatory T cells in allergic individuals by recombinant Der f 2 peptide with fungal immunomodulatory peptide fveWu, C.C.; Liao, E.C.; Lee, M.F.; Tsai, J.J.-
-Cloning of the American cockroach Cr-PII allergens: Evidence for the existence of cross-reactive allergens between speciesWu, C.H.; 楊秋英; Wang, N.M.; Lee, M.F.; Kao, C.Y.Y.; Luo, S.F.-
-The Effect of Local Nasal Immunotherapy in Allergic Rhinitis: Using Strips of the Allergen Dermatophagoides pteronyssinusTsai, J.J.; Liao, E.C.; Tsai, F.H.; Hsieh, C.C.; Lee, M.F.-