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-The Pharyngeal Organ in the Buccal Cavity of the Male Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens, Supplies Mucus for Building Bubble NestsKang, C.K.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.-
-Phenotypic changes in mitochondrion-rich cells and responses of Na+/K+-ATPase in gills of tilapia exposed to deionized waterTang, C.H.; 李宗翰; Chang, I.C.; Chen, C.H.; Lee, T.H.; Hwang, P.P.-
-Phylogeography of Sylvirana latouchii (Anura, Ranidae) in TaiwanJang-Liaw, N.H.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.; Chou, W.H.-
-Presence of Na-K-ATPase in mitochondria-rich cells in the yolk-sac epithelium of larvae of the teleost Oreochromis mossambicusHwang, P.P.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.; Weng, C.F.; Fang, M.J.; Cho, G.Y.-
-Presence or Absence of the Cl- Channel Phospholemman in the Rectal Gland of Sharks: A Comparative StudyStekhoven, Fmahs; Bonga, S.E.W.; Lee, T.H.; Bottrill, A.R.-
-The relationship between 'deep-hole' mitochondria-rich cells and salinity adaptation in the euryhaline teleost, Oreochromis mossambicusLee, T.H.; 李宗翰; Hwang, P.P.; Shieh, Y.E.; Lin, C.H.-
-Relative Changes in the Abundance of Branchial Na+/K+-ATPase alpha-Isoform-Like Proteins in Marine Euryhaline Milkfish (Chanos chanos) Acclimated to Environments of Different SalinitiesTang, C.H.; Chiu, Y.H.; Tsai, S.C.; Lee, T.H.-
-Reproduction of the Bath Sponge Spongia ceylonensis (Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from Penghu, TaiwanChung, I.F.; 李宗翰; Huang, Y.M.; Lee, T.H.; Liu, L.L.-
-The role of TonEBP in regulation of AAD expression and dopamine production in renal proximal tubule cells upon hypertonic challengeHsin, Y.H.; Tang, C.H.; Lai, H.T.; Lee, T.H.-
-Salinity-dependent expression of a Na+, K+, 2Cl(-) cotransporter in gills of the brackish medaka Oryzias dancena: A molecular correlate for hyposmoregulatory enduranceKang, C.K.; Tsai, H.J.; Liu, C.C.; Lee, T.H.; Hwang, P.P.-
-Salinity-dependent expression of the branchial Na+/K+/2Cl(-) cotransporter and Na+/K+-ATPase in the sailfin molly correlates with hypoosmoregulatory enduranceYang, W.K.; Kang, C.K.; Chen, T.Y.; Chang, W.B.; Lee, T.H.-
-Short-term effects of hyposmotic shock on Na+/K+-ATPase expression in gills of the euryhaline milkfish, Chanos chanosLin, Y.M.; 李宗翰; Chen, C.N.; Yoshinaga, T.; Tsai, S.C.; Shen, I.D.; Lee, T.H.-
-Sodium or potassium ions activate different kinetics of gill Na, K-ATPase in three seawater-and freshwater-acclimated euryhaline teleostsLin, C.H.; 李宗翰; Lee, T.H.-
-Time-course changes in the expression of Na, K-ATPase and the morphometry of mitochondrion-rich cells in gills of euryhaline tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) during freshwater acclimationLin, C.H.; 李宗翰; Huang, C.L.; Yang, C.H.; Lee, T.H.; Hwang, P.P.-