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-A Stress Response Model for Hole Mobility in the Inversion Layer of Ge MOSFETsChen, Kuan-Ting; Lee, Chia-Feng; He, Ren-Yu; 張書通; Chang, Shu-Tong
-Detection of Charged Proteins with a Bio-Sensor Device Using a Semiconductor-on-Insulator StructureHe, Ren-Yu; Chen, Kuan-Ting; Lee, Chia-Feng; 張書通; Chang, Shu-Tong
-Electron Mobility Calculation for Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloy Using Tight-Binding Band StructureChen, Kuan-Ting; He, Ren-Yu; Lee, Chia-Feng; Wu, Ming-Ting; 張書通; Chang, Shu-Tong
-Negative-Capacitance Fin Field-Effect Transistor Beyond the 7-nm NodeChen, Kuan-Ting; Qiu, Yu-Yan; Tang, Ming; Lee, Chia-Feng; Dai, Yi-Lu; Lee, Min-Hung; Chang, Shu-Tong; 張書通
-水稻一似核糖體結合蛋白基因 Ose725之選殖與分析李佳鳳; Lee, Chia-Feng-