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-Carbazole/fluorene copolymers with dimesitylboron pendants for blue light-emitting diodesChen, Ying-Hsiao; Lin, Yu-Ying; Chen, Yung-Chung; Jiann, T.Lin; Lee, Rong-Ho; Kuo, Wen-Jang; Jeng, Ru-Jong-
-Conjugated polymer-functionalized carbon nanotubes enhance the photovoltaic properties of polymer solar cellsLee, Rong-Ho; Lee, Liang-Yuan; Huang, Jian-Lun; Huang, Chen-Chia; Hwang, Jenn-Chiu-
-Construction of a thin-film immunosensor with self-doping polyaniline modified electrode for human serum albumin detectionChang, Wei-Feng; Huang, Sheng-Yu; Lee, Rong-Ho; Liu, Yung-Chuan-
-Enhanced photovoltaic performance of quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells via incorporating quaternized ammonium iodide-containing conjugated polymer into PEO gel electrolytesLee, Rong-Ho; Cheng, Tun-Fang; Chang, Jhih-Wei; Ho, Jhu-Heng-
-Facile, Scalable, Eco-Friendly Fabrication of High-Performance Flexible All-Solid-State SupercapacitorsJyothibasu, Jincy Parayangattil; Lee, Rong-Ho; 李榮和
-Graphene oxide sheet-polyaniline nanocomposite prepared through in-situ polymerization/deposition method for counter electrode of dye-sensitized solar cellHsu, Yu-Chen; Chen, Guan-Liang; Lee, Rong-Ho-
-Graphene oxide sheet-polyaniline nanohybrids for enhanced photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cellsHsu, Yu-Chen; Tseng, Lin-Chieh; Lee, Rong-Ho-
-Photovoltaic properties of bulk heterojunction solar cells incorporating 2-hydroxylethyl- and fullerene-functionalized conjugated polymersLee, Rong-Ho; Lee, Liang-Yuan-
-Photovoltaic properties of the polymer solar cells comprising crosslinked maleimide polymers and fullerene-derivative PCBMLee, Rong-Ho; Syu, Jhih-Yang; Huang, Jian-Lun-
-Polythiophene derivatives functionalized with maleimide moiety as pendant for bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cellsLee, Rong-Ho; Chu, Che-Min; Shiau, Sheng-Yi; Jeng, Ru-Jong; Hwang, Jenn-Chiu; Liu, Bo-Tau; Huang, Chen-Chia-
-Single-Layered Graphene Oxide Nanosheet/Polyaniline Hybrids Fabricated Through Direct Molecular ExfoliationChen, Guan-Liang; Shau, Shi-Min; Juang, Tzong-Yuan; Lee, Rong-Ho; Chen, Chih-Ping; Suen, Shing-Yi; Jeng, Ru-Jong-
-Solution processable star-shaped molecules with a triazine core and branching thienylenevinylenes for bulk heterojunction solar cellsHuang, Chien-Yi; Lee, Wan-Hua; Lee, Rong-Ho
-Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of two-dimensional conjugated polythiophene derivatives presenting conjugated triphenylamine/thiophene moietiesWang, Hsing-Ju; Chen, Yuan-Peng; Chen, Yung-Chung; Chen, Chih-Ping; Lee, Rong-Ho; Chan, Li-Hsin; Jeng, Ru-Jong-
-Synthesis of quaternized ammonium iodide-containing conjugated polymer electrolytes and their application in dye-sensitized solar cellsLee, Rong-Ho; Liu, Jene-Ku; Ho, Jhu-Heng; Chang, Jhih-Wei; Liu, Bo-Tau; Wang, Hsing-Ju; Jeng, Ru-Jong-