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-A coordination pi-pi framework exhibits spontaneous magnetizationLi, L.L.; 林寬鋸; Lin, K.J.; Ho, C.J.; Sun, C.P.; Yang, H.D.-
-Electrical and optical properties of porphyrin single crystalsChen, Y.C.; Lee, M.W.; Li, L.L.; Lin, K.J.-
-Neutron diffraction and specific heat studies on the magnetic ordering in the Fe-II(Delta)Fe-II(Lambda)(ox)(2)(Phen)(2) (n) molecular magnetHo, C.J.; Her, J.L.; Sun, C.P.; Yang, C.C.; Huang, C.L.; Chou, C.C.; Li, L.L.; Lin, K.J.; Li, W.H.; Lynn, J.W.; Yang, H.D.-
-Porphyrin Dyes with High Injection and Low Recombination for Highly Efficient Mesoscopic Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsBarea, E.M.; 葉鎮宇; Gonzalez-Pedro, V.; Ripolles-Sanchis, T.; Wu, H.P.; Li, L.L.; Yeh, C.Y.; Diau, E.W.G.; Bisquert, J.-
-Solvothermal synthesis of self-assembled free-based porphyrin wiresLi, L.L.; 林寬鋸; Chuang, H.J.; Lin, K.J.-
-Towards the development of electrical conduction and lithium-ion transport in a tetragonal porphyrin wireLi, L.L.; 林寬鋸; Yang, C.J.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, K.J.-