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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Long range correlation and possible electron conduction through DNA sequencesWang, S.C.; Li, P.C.; Tseng, H.C.-
-A numerical investigation of the critical phase of random boolean networksChen, S.T.; Tseng, H.C.; Wang, S.C.; Li, P.C.-
-Optical and structural characteristics of ZnO films grown on (0001) sapphire substrates by ALD using DEZn and N2OLin, P.Y.; 龔志榮; Gong, J.R.; Li, P.C.; Lin, T.Y.; Lyu, D.Y.; Lin, D.Y.; Lin, H.J.; Li, T.C.; Chang, K.J.; Lin, W.J.-
-Serum insulin-like growth factor-axis and matrix metalloproteinases in patients with rheumatic arthritis or rheumatic heart diseaseLee, S.D.; 陳德勛; Chen, L.M.; Kuo, W.W.; Shu, W.T.; Kuo, W.H.; Huang, E.J.; Tsai, C.C.; Li, P.C.; Liu, J.Y.; Chen, T.H.; Huang, C.Y.-
-Some scaling behaviors in a circle map with two inflection pointsTseng, H.C.; Tai, M.F.; Chen, H.J.; Li, P.C.; Chou, C.H.; Hu, C.K.-
-Studies of the dynamics of critical random boolean networks using relevant element loopsChen, S.T.; Tseng, H.C.; Wang, S.C.; Li, P.C.-
-A two-dimensional modified Levy-walk model for the DNA sequencesTai, Y.Y.; Li, P.C.; Tseng, H.C.-