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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Self-organized PID control design using DNA computing approachJan, H.Y.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Hwang, T.S.-
-Singularity analysis and path planning for a MDOF manipulatorLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Lin, J.R.; Jan, H.Y.-
-Singularity characterization and path planning of a new 3 links 6-DOFs parallel manipulatorLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Jan, H.Y.; Lin, J.R.; Hwang, T.S.-
-Stability of networked control systems with time-varying delaysChen, C.H.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Hwang, T.S.-
-Stabilizing control of networks with uncertain time varying communication delaysLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Chen, C.H.; Huang, H.C.-
-Stabilizing network control for pneumatic systems with time-delaysHong, M.W.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Shiu, B.M.-
-Stabilizing postural control for emulated human balancing systemsLi, C.L.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Chen, C.K.-
-Statistical and power spectral analysis of quality of fluidization for different particle size distributions at high temperatureLin, C.L.; 魏銘彥; Wey, M.Y.-
-Structure-specified IIR filter and control design using real structured genetic algorithmTsai, C.W.; 林俊良; Huang, C.H.; Lin, C.L.-
-Studies of Cd, Pb and Cr distribution characteristics in bottom ash following agglomeration/defluidization in a fluidized bed boiler incinerating artificial wasteLiu, Z.S.; Lin, C.L.; Chou, J.D.-
-System identification: DNA computing approachHuang, C.H.; 林俊良; Jan, H.Y.; Lin, C.L.; Lee, C.S.-