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-Layered inorganic/enzyme nanohybrids with selectivity and structural stability upon interacting with biomoleculesChen, G.J.; 邱信程; Yen, M.C.; Wang, J.M.; Lin, J.J.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Lengthy rod formation from a poly (oxyalkylene)amine-intercalated smectite clay by a self-aligning mechanismLin, J.J.; Chou, C.C.; Lin, J.L.-
-Mechanism of Silicate Platelet Self-Organization during Clay-Initiated Epoxy PolymerizationChan, Y.N.; Hsu, R.S.; Lin, J.J.-
-Metal-solvating and self-association of amphiphilic polyamides containing poly (oxyethylene) blocksLin, J.J.; Cheng, I.J.-
-N-aryl acylureas as intermediates in sequential self-repetitive reactions to form poly(amide-imide)sWei, K.L.; 戴憲弘; Wu, C.H.; Huang, W.H.; Lin, J.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Nanocomposites with enhanced electrical properties based on biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) and polyetheramine modified carbon nanotubeLin, C.S.; Shih, Y.F.; Jeng, R.J.; Dai, S.H.A.; Lin, J.J.; Lee, C.C.-
-Nanohybrids of Magnetic Iron-Oxide Particles in Hydrophobic Organoclays for Oil RecoveryHsu, R.S.; Chang, W.H.; Lin, J.J.-
-Novel mechanism for layered silicate clay intercalation by poly(propylene oxide)-segmented carboxylic acidLin, J.J.; Chang, Y.C.; Cheng, I.J.-
-One-step exfoliation of montmorillonite via phase inversion of amphiphilic copolymer emulsionChou, C.C.; Lin, J.J.-
-Optical non-linearity from montmorillonite intercalated with a chromophore-containing dendritic structure: A self-assembly approachChen, Y.C.; 吳宗明; Juang, T.Y.; Dai, S.A.; Wu, T.M.; Lin, J.J.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Organo-clay hybrids based on dendritic molecules: preparation and characterizationJuang, T.Y.; 吳宗明; Tsai, C.C.; Wu, T.M.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, C.P.; Lin, J.J.; Liu, Y.L.; Jeng, R.J.; 鄭如忠; 戴憲弘-
-Phase behaviors of poly(oxyethylene)-grafted polypropylene copolymersLin, J.J.; Shau, S.M.; Tseng, F.P.; Chang, F.C.-
-Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Tethered Silicate Platelets for Colloidal Dispersion of Conjugated Polymers with Thermoresponsive and Photoluminescence PropertiesLan, Y.F.; Hsieh, B.Z.; Lin, H.C.; Su, Y.A.; Chan, Y.N.; Lin, J.J.-
-Poly(oxyethylene)diamine-derived hydrophilic copolymers for emulsifying diglycidylether of bisphenol-ALin, J.J.; Chen, S.M.; Hu, S.S.-
-Poly(oxypropylene)-amide grafted polypropylene as novel compatibilizer for PP and PA6 blendsTseng, F.P.; Lin, J.J.; Tseng, C.R.; Chang, F.C.-
-Poly(oxypropylene)-amide grafted polypropylene as novel compatibilizer for PP and PA6 blends (vol 42, pg 713, 2001)Tseng, F.P.; Lin, J.J.; Tseng, C.R.; Chang, F.C.-
-Polyoxyalkylene-amine intercalation and hydrophobic zig-zag exfoliation of layered claysLin, J.J.-
-PP/PA6 blends compatibilized by poly(oxypropylene)amide-functionalized PPLin, J.J.; Young, M.Y.; Tseng, F.P.; Chang, F.C.-
-Preparation and electrostatic dissipating properties of poly(oxyalkylene)imide grafted polypropylene copolymersLin, J.J.; Young, M.Y.; Shau, S.M.; Cheng, I.J.-
-Preparation and epoxy curing of novel dicyclopentadiene-derived Mannich aminesTseng, F.P.; Chang, F.C.; Lin, S.F.; Lin, J.J.-